Bodybuilding Motivation: Success is the reward for your punishment in the gym.

You might often find yourself thinking during a particularly difficult set – “Why am I doing this?” It’s not uncommon to get caught up in the grind and to start feeling like a zombie. The frustration might even get worse if you hit a plateau. Suddenly all that hard work doesn’t seem to be paying off. You’re stuck. You’re frustrated. You feel like you should just give up. It’s moments like these where some bodybuilding motivation can play a vital role in keeping the momentum alive.

There will always be ruts but bodybuilding and weight training is all about the big picture. You don’t always notice the changes day by day and sometimes you might have weeks or months where you are figuring out how to break out of a plateau or rut. But when you look wider – into the years of hard work and dedication – you will see the success you are building for yourself. Success is always the results of hard work. Success always stands at the end of the line after so much pain. That’s what you must keep in mind during those particularly brutal workouts. When your mind is less sharp – you must find the motivation to keep going.

That’s why Alex Kalts Motivation has put together this epic bodybuilding motivation video combining a truly inspiring speech with powerful footage of training and peak athleticism. So when you are feeling down or weak – put this video on to pump you up for the next round of training. Check it out above!

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