Bodybuilder Bostin Loyd Has Passed Away At 29 Years Old

Bostin Loyd was open about steroids and his kidney failure during his career.

Bodybuilder Bostin Loyd has passed away at the age of 29, according to sources close to Generation Iron. There has been no official cause of death confirmed at this time. Loyd passed out at his home in Springhill, FL before being taken to the hospital. This is where he was pronounced dead. The paramedics on scene believed it to be a heart attack but there is no official word just yet.

Early in his career, Bostin Loyd publicly discussed his use of steroids. He became the first competitive bodybuilder to openly reveal his steroid cycle. Loyd was 21 years old and had just won the 2013 NPC Contra Costa in Hayward, CA. This was a video that brought attention to his career at a young age.

Loyd was a bodybuilder who became known for sharing controversial stances around the sport. He was honest about his journeys and this includes his battle with Stage 5 kidney failure. The cause of this was likely due to the overall lifestyle of a bodybuilder. This could be the substances being taken or cutting weight through dehydration.

Bostin Loyd found out about his diagnosis in October 2020 and began studying about how to restore his kidney function. This could also be used to help and guide other athletes in the future. Loyd began undergoing many treatments such as recovery peptides, gluthithione, and stem cells.

Loyd’s final competition came in 2016 during the NPC Kevin Gore Border Klash. Aside from steroids, Loyd was also open about the number of pro cards being handed out by the IFBB at the time.

The career of Loyd will be remembered in different lights depending on your views. He received plenty of backlash over the course of his career for his views and beliefs. Also, his admittance to steroids cause a huge stir. the tragic news of Loyd’s passing comes shortly after Isaac Ghavidel passed away after a success career in Iran and Canada.

Generation Iron interviewed Bostin Loyd and touched upon his aggressive use of steroids and other PEDs. You can watch that interview below:

Bostin Lloyd also spoke with Generation Iron on multiple occasions regarding synthol use in the sport. As mentioned, he was extremely open not only about his own tactics and PED use in the sport – but also the general trends of PEDs and site injection oils within the sport as a whole.

Bostin Loyd was always true to himself and believed in speaking on difficult issues. Generation Iron sends condolences to friends and family during this difficult time.

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