Bostin Loyd Cause Of Death Revealed As Aortic Dissection

The autopsy details for Bostin Loyd’s death have been released with a cause being pinpointed.

Bostin Loyd passed away suddenly two weeks ago but the cause was not shared at the time. The autopsy has been performed and it revealed that Loyd died from an aortic dissection. Dave Palumbo broke the news on Monday night on his YouTube page.

Loyd was in stage 5 kidney failure and would have needed dialysis at some point moving forward. He became a controversial figure in bodybuilding because of his opinions and views on steroids in the sport. While it was assumed that they were present, Loyd became the first athlete to share his cycle while still competing.

Palumbo went into detail after hearing the news and shared that genetic origins also played a part in his death.

“Bostin Loyd died of a dissecting aorta. What that means, is his aorta, which is the main artery that comes off the heart to provide blood to the body, which is the highest pressure artery in the body can sometimes split.

That’s what the word dissect means and if it splits, obviously the blood, and the high pressure just blasts out of there and usually you die very rapidly, because you just bleed to death internally. There’s no blood being pumped to your brain and the rest of your body, and that’s it.” Dave Palumbo explained.

Bostin Loyd collapsed after a gym session at his home in Florida. He was rushed to the hospital as paramedics continued to perform CPR. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The genetic connection came from Loyd’s father, who also had an enlarged aorta. This is a problem that is hereditary and Loyd seemed to have a similar issue.

“Bostin is only 29 years old, but his father John Loyd who is also a bodybuilder had an enlarged aorta, also known as an aortic aneurysm and he actually had to have it surgically fixed. I don’t know when he had it done. I think it was done in the last five years or so. And I know he had mentioned it to Bostin, ‘hey you better check that out because it could be inherited’.

But you know, who thinks at 20-something years old that you’re going to have that issue. I don’t know if Bostin ever went and got it checked. He told his father that he did but we don’t really know that for sure.”

Bostin Loyd’s steroid use played a role in issues with his kidneys but there was to it than that. Unfortunately, genetics also played a part in his death and it showed following his autopsy.

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