It’s In The Blood: Bostin Loyd’s Dad Was An Absolute Beast

Bodybuilding runs in the family.

For many bodybuilding enthusiasts, the endeavors greatest hour was during the old school era. The time when Arnold Schwarzenegger, Frank Zane, Sergio Oliva, Franco Columbu, and many more were on top of the world and the epitome of the elite bodybuilder. These days the bodybuilding industry has grown into something else entirely. The classic era is no more where everything seemed to be less artificial. Now, every person who is in great shape jumps on social media in hopes of gaining some slice of fame. One of those individuals happens to be a very polarizing figure in the fitness world, Bostin Loyd.

An open, honest, and outspoken individual, Bostin Loyd has a reputation for being blunt about what he thinks is necessary in order for someone to become an elite bodybuilder. He’s advocated the use of many substances including anabolic steroids and certain injectable oils like synthol. Because of this, Bostin Loyd has been looked down on and berated. But he’s also been praised for his honesty and ability to tell it like it is. For that reason, people appreciate his derisive personality. But it appears that though Bostin Loyd has preached about using drugs and exercise to change your physique, what he could be leaving out, particularly about himself, is that genetics play a major role in how far you can push your body.

A recent Instagram post by Loyd showcases the online personality’s father during his glory days. While he may talk about the importance of substances like steroids, the reality is that genetics are a major part of having an amazing physique. Check out the photo of Bostin Loyd’s father to see where he got his impressive genetics from.

Are you impressed by Bostin Loyd and his father?

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