Back at it again.

Bostin Loyd. For some people just simply uttering the name can fill them with a rage and discontent, mainly due to his unspoken nature. It’s no secret that Bostin Loyd says what he wants when he wants and doesn’t give a damn about the consequences. This has led to many feuds online with both fans of bodybuilding and professionals involved in the sport.

Nevertheless, when it comes to Bostin Loyd you never have to wonder where he stands. If he dislikes something you’re going to know about it and if he thoroughly enjoys something you’ll definitely get and ear full.

Recently the subject of distended guts seems to have fired up Bostin Loyd and has pushed him to respond in the only way he knows how. Blunt and to the point. But in his rant, Bostin Loyd also tries to enlighten those who think they’ve got everything all figured out when it comes to bodybuilders with distended guts. Take a look at Bostin Loyd’s perspective on distended guts in bodybuilding.

This is not in any way/shape/form bashing the bodybuilder displayed in this photo….. but since this whole “gut talk” has been going viral let me fucking spread some true shit to you idiots….. well first off its usually the mens physique crybabies talking about “guts” cause they need to find something to hate on cause they wish they could actually have the tissue some of these top pros carry…. second when you eat a high protein diet(which is necessary to grow) your stomach will round out a bit when eating every 2-3 hours and after you fast thru the night ane take a shit your stomach will be flat….. unfortunately some of these insecure bodybuilder suck there guts in when in public eye or in photos and some even wear waist trainers all day long…. i can 100% assure you guys that carry alot of mass have distention issues it comes with the territory…. And when you add certain enhancements in it causes swelling(inflammation) throughout the whole body which enhances this even more!!! Believe what you want but in reality this is the new era of freaks and people want to see freaks… that Frank Zane shit is long gone… aint nobody wanna see that shit after Dorian hit the scene… you gotta do whats necessary to be competitive… i personality never hide my gut its part of me… most people hate it and thats fine but yall need to come to reality… im not gunna wear girly waist trainers or suck my gut in when in public eye… people need to stop being so damn insecure n stop trying to impress people with the little shit in life that doesn’t matter…. so this pic displays a pro carrying a ton of mass and what his gut looks like when in its relaxed state….. #repyourgut #aintnoshame #partofme #newera #cometoreality

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