UFC202 press con bottle

Things just got real!

What appeared to be a regular hum-drum press conference went from 0 to 100, real quick. After fielding questions for over a half hour concerning the main and co – main event of UFC 202, which goes down this saturday at 8 p.m. eastern, Nate Diaz, Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, and Glover Teixeira were drowned out by cheers of a tardy Conor Mcgregor strolling to the stage. After about 5 minutes of Conor taking questions, ESPN’s Brett Okamoto ¬†went back to Nate, asking him what he thought of the UFC negating the possibility of an immediate rematch by making Conor go back down to defend his featherweight title, that’s when thing exploded. Nate answered with an almost ominous “They’re giving him an escape route”, then quickly dropped the mic and walked off stage. Conor was then asked a next question, but before he could answer you could hear faint chants of “fuck your crew” coming from off stage. Cut to the sight of Nate Diaz, Nick Diaz, and other characters of the 209 crew walking in the stands, giving fans high fives and McGregor the finger. When the name calling reached a pitch, and the middle fingers were in full swing, it seems like somebody threw a bottle, that’s when things got ugly. The 209 crew started throwing water bottles at Conor Mcgregor on stage, to which Conor quickly answered back in reckless abandon. It got to the point where even the fans got involved and there’s a visible portion of Nick Diaz ducking out of the way of a whizzing bottles. Dana White in full frazzled mode had to cancel the rest of the event, sending Glover and “Rumble” Johnson off stage. What will be the repercussions? Nobody knows, but one things for sure, this fight just got a lot more interesting!

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