Brad Castleberry responds to criticism of his natural claims.

Brad Castleberry has been a viral sensation in bodybuilding for years now – but not always for good reasons. He’s been criticized for lifting fake weights and also for his claims that his physique is attained all natural. But if you ask Castleberry, he finds all the negative attention a good thing. It just means he’s doing something right. That his hard earned physique is so incredible that people can’t believe their eyes. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, we ask Brad Castleberry about his natural claims and how he handles the criticism.

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In the internet age of bodybuilding, opinions travel fast and mob mentality can grow into a powerful force. When it comes to enhanced vs natural bodybuilding – there is a generally accepted look that is possible and not possible to attain without the help of steroids and other PEDs. Due to this, if someone has an incredibly massive physique on par with top pro bodybuilders – fans are quick to assume the person is on steroids, even if they claim to be natural.

Ultimately, the only way to truly prove it is to do a drug test. And internet mobs aren’t able to force that kind of procedure on anyone. So most of the time, self proclaimed natural bodybuilders are met with disbelief if their physique is too massive or too impressive. The general public just doesn’t think it’s possible.

Brad Castleberry understands this more than most – as he has been under the spotlight of criticism for years. Many believe it’s impossible for him to be natural as he claims. It also doesn’t help that many fans believe the conspiracy that Castleberry lifts fake weights. Between those two things, a general sense of distrust surrounds the bodybuilder.

That’s why in this GI Exclusive interview segment we wanted to dig deep about how Brad Castleberry handles that kind of criticism and if he’s really natural as he’s been claiming over the years. We also touch upon internet “gurus” who share detailed information on how to take steroids and other PEDs. Does Castleberry find that sort of free speech helpful for the bodybuilding world or a dangerous element that needs to be regulated?

Find out in our new GI Exclusive interview with Brad Castleberry above!

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