Bradley Martyn Guides N3on Through an Intense Chest Workout

Bradley Martyn's chest workout with N3on

Bradley Martyn is helping N3on get jacked. 

Developing your chest is a crucial aspect of bodybuilding. Not only do well-built pectoral muscles enhance your posture and appearance, but they also optimize your performance in exercises like the bench press. That’s why we’re tuning into Bradley Martyn as he takes N3on, a gaming YouTuber, on his first foray into training via a chest workout. 

Full Name: Bradley Martyn
Weight Height Date of Birth
235 – 245 lbs 6’3” 05/22/1989
Occupation Era Nationality
Bodybuilder, Fitness Trainer, Social Media Personality  2000s – Till Date American

Bradley Martyn is a bodybuilder, fitness trainer, and social media personality with a huge following. Martyn is popular online and has competed in bodybuilding competitions, coming first in the NPC Southern California Championship 2011 and the NPC Phil Heath Classic 2013. He’s also an avid businessman and owns the Zoo Health Club franchise. Martyn Bradley rose to fame on the back of his online videos chronicling his fitness lifestyle and is recognized for his incredible physique.

In this post, we look at beginner tips that Bradley Martyn shares with N3on as he starts his training journey. The duo did some chest routines in this video uploaded on Martyn’s YouTube channel. Let’s take a look at their workout.

Bradley Martyn Chest Workout feat N3on 


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In this workout, Bradley Martyn showed N3on how to approach chest workouts. They did a total of four routines, which were a mix of machine and free-weight exercises. Since N3on is a beginner, they kept the volume relatively low. During the workout, Martyn showed N3on the proper form and spotted him where necessary.

While training, Bradley Martyn shares that the best approach to training as a beginner is to keep things simple. He also advocates using four sets of 12 reps for a start and taking a rest of 1-2 mins in between. Research shows that 10-12 reps are optimal for muscle growth and hypertrophy (1). Below is a list of their chest workout exercises.

Machine Chest Press
Dumbbell Press
Standing Cable Chest Fly
Incline Barbell Press

Machine Chest Press

The machine chest press is an effective exercise for targeting your chest muscles. This routine also works on your delts and triceps. Using a machine for this exercise requires less balance and coordination compared to free alternatives like dumbbell bench press and barbell bench press, putting more emphasis on your pectoralis muscles. 

The machine chest press is an excellent routine for beginners, as it is easy to learn. Using a machine also offers you more resistance at the top of your movement to contract each portion of your chest muscle fibers. 

Bradley Martyn and N3on used a plate-loaded machine to do the machine chest press. Martyn asks N3on to take things easy and take short rests between sets. They then headed to the next exercise for the day.

Dumbbell Press

The dumbbell press was next on the chest exercises for Bradley Martyn and N3on. Martyn guides the beginner through the routine and the proper range of motion. They also discuss arm imbalances and N3on comments that his left arm is stronger.

The dumbbell press is the free-weight version of the machine chest press above. This exercise also works on your triceps, pecs, and anterior delts, primarily focusing on your pectoralis major.

Using a dumbbell for pressing allows a full range of motion and activates stabilizing muscles in your arms, core, shoulders, and lower back. In addition, a dumbbell in each hand helps identify and fix muscle imbalances. Like N3on, most lifters will have one side naturally stronger than the other. 

Standing Cable Chest Fly

The standing cable chest fly is an isolation exercise for your anterior delts and pecs. Using a machine for this exercise helps to keep the load more evenly distributed on your chest. The load is also more constant throughout the range of motion.

The standing cable chest fly increases the time under tension for your chest muscles, and research shows that this leads to more muscle growth (2). You can adjust the position of the cable, putting it higher to work on your lower chest muscles or lower to emphasize your upper chest.

N3on does the standing cable chest fly as Bradley Martyn coaches him. With this routine, he learns to achieve a full range of motion by bringing the handles together in front. Then, they move to the last exercise of the day.

Incline Barbell Press

Bradley Martyn and N3on did the incline barbell press to round up their exercises. N3on comments that his arms are floating on clouds, and Martyn says this is a beginner feeling he will never feel again. They did multiple sets of this exercise before calling it a day. 

Incline barbell presses work on your chest, arms, and shoulder muscles while working more on your upper chest muscles due to the angle of the bench (3).

The incline barbell press also targets your shoulder more than the flat bench press since it puts you at an angle closer to the shoulder press. This gives it an advantage over the flat bench press if you want bigger delts.

You can watch Bradley Martyn’s and N3on’s full chest workout below:

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