Rich Piana Generated The Most Hate But Also The Most Love.

IRON CINEMA – Every Friday we connect you with Generation Iron director Vlad Yudin as he sits down for an exclusive long form interview with the industry’s most vital members – including athletes, trainers, and experts.

Bradley Martyn is a bodybuilder and entrepreneur known for his insanely popular internet following and also his moments of controversy. But who is the man at his core? Is the personality we see in front of the screen the real person inside? Vlad Yudin sat down with Bradley Martyn to discuss in detail the journey of Bradley Martyn, the opening of his new gym, and also who the man is behind the internet and the muscle.

Bradley Martyn also opens up about his relationship with Rich Piana – whom he knew before Rich had gained his mass internet fame. In some ways, Rich acted as a mentor for Bradley Martyn and helped shape him to be the man he is today. As we near on the anniversary of Rich’s passing, Bradley reflects back on what he meant to him, what kind of man Rich was, and how his death affected the bodybuilding industry.

Watch the full Iron Cinema interview above and stay tuned next week for part 2 of our conversation with Bradley Martyn.