Brandon Curry is in Olympia Champion Shape 7 Weeks Out!

If there were any doubters out there, this clip should prove you wrong.

Brandon Curry is looking like an absolute beast weeks out from the Olympia. Many people often use hyperbole to describe the great physiques of certain bodybuilders, but this is certainly not one of those times.

It’s pretty clear to anyone with eyes that Brandon Curry is the front runner to potentially win the coveted title of Mr. Olympia. After the shocking accusations that got Shawn Rhoden banned from the 2019 Olympia, the title is up for grabs.

From the looks of things, Brandon Curry is well on his way to capturing that title.

With only seven weeks until the 2019 Olympia, Brandon Curry is showing some real poise and looking to be in championship condition heading into the big show.

His recent Instagram posts show a Brandon Curry who is realizing his full potential and that truly makes him a dangerous competitor and one of the favorites to win the show!

Will Brandon Curry take home the title of Mr. Olympia?

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