Runs in the Family! Brandon Curry Has Passed on His Insane Genetics to His Son!

Brandon Curry is looking like a world-beater and he’s not the only one.

With Brandon Curry Curry it’s very evident that we have a top contender for the Olympia this year. Brandon Curry has showcased a tremendous physique showing his amazing growth through his bodybuilding career.

After winning the Arnold, Brandon Curry is certainly the front runner for top contender at the 2019 Olympia . It’s clear to anyone with eyes that Brandon Curry has made a major leap in his physical form and is a major threat to Shawn Rhoden.

Recently Brandon Curry guest posed in Denmark at the IFBB Pro Nordic 2019. At the show Brandon Curry showed off a jacked and shredded physique despite this appearance being a guest posing appearance. His current form shows us that Brandon Curry is more than capable of becoming an Olympia champion. With Phil Heath on the sidelines this year, Brandon Curry has a great opportunity to potentially upset the raining Olympia champion Shawn Rhoden.

Check out the post below that showcases Brandon Curry and his incredible form at the IFBB Pro Nordic 2019.

Not only does Brandon Curry have some insane genetics, it appears that he and his wife Brandy Leaver have passed on those gifts to their son!


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LMBO! Thanks for this @fernando_arroyoo! Gave me a good belly laugh! 😂 I think my son Marvelous got me! Must be all the @scitecnutrition protein he drinks! Coached by his mommy @bleaver808 #Repost @fernando_arroyoo ・・・ Brandon Curry’s son future Mr. Olympia? Top Genetics for sure What do you think?😎🤘 Let me know in the comment section 💯 ________________________________________________  #bodybuilding  #openbodybuilding  #arnoldclassic #mrolympiallc #jaycutler #philheath #classicbodybuilding  #classicphysique  #openbodybuilding  #mostmuscular  #flexing #bodybuilding #bodybuilder #gainpost #gymlife #classicpose #classicphysique #champions #mostmuscular #bodybuildingMotivation  #fitfam #fit #gym #competition #gymmotivation  #motivation #gains #musclenation #muscle

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