Brandon Curry Is Looking Incredible Weeks Out From The Olympia

Brandon Curry has some supreme symmetry and musculature.

With the Olympia on the horizon more and more progress pictures seem to be appearing online. The open weight division in particular always generates a great deal of attention and as such the fans have been eager to see what each competitor has been working on in the off season. Recent Arnold Classic Australia winner Brandon Curry has already showcased his impressive physique on stage, beating out a great deal of other bodybuilders. For the Olympia, Curry has pushed himself hard in training to ensure that he can compete with the top of the division.

While his win at the Arnold Classic Australia punched his ticket to the Olympia, Brandon Curry can’t rest on his laurels and it appears he’s been doing anything but that. Recent photos of Brandon Curry have surfaced and showcases just how much he’s improved heading into the Olympia. While Phil Heath may be the current reigning champion and Olympia king, Brandon Curry has shown the kind of growth and development to put the entire division on notice.

Clearly we see a larger Brandon Curry in this image as well as a balanced and proportioned physique. His symmetry is clearly evident and he’s showing the potential to be a true great.

What do you think of Brandon Curry and his physique heading into the 2017 Olympia?

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