In an industry focused on appearance – where is the line drawn with sexual harassment?

THE BREAKDOWN – Is our first ever bodybuilding talk show hosted by Shawn Ray, Tifanny Urrea, and Jeff Logan. Touching upon the most controversial, entertaining, and trending topics in bodybuilding & fitness, our hosts take a deep dive and hold nothing back. These are raw and uncut debates with clashing opinions and, hopefully, a better understanding of the current state of our sport. The Breakdown airs every Wednesday.

Sexual harassment is a key topic being discussed in our country and across the world right now. Recent revelations across the entertainment world have shown that we are far from solving the issue of sexual harassment, rape, and molestation in mainstream culture. But how much is this effecting the bodybuilding and fitness world? Bodybuilding is 100% judged and focused on appearance of a person’s physique. With that much emphasis on looks – where is the line drawn and how can we all as an industry combat inappropriate comments and actions? That’s what the gang is talking about in depth in this episode of The Breakdown. Much like the global discussion happening right now – this debate gets heated and complicated with a lot of weaving twists and turns to navigate. Watch the breakdown of sexual harassment in bodybuilding above!



  1. So you can’t call to women at college, you can’t call to them at the beach , you can’t call to them at the gym, you can’t call to them at the supermarket …… This thing is setting up men to be retards and remove the natural instinct to pursue and form relationships. I agree with leaving out the work place but everywhere else is fair game for real men as long as you aren’t groping the woman. Men must be free to call to a woman and pay her a compliment…..

  2. This Tiffany Urrea has THE worst voice! Sounds like someone scratching car keys over paint. And why is she trying so hard to sound black? She needs to hear herself on audio. Poor grammer, too. She is trying too hard to sound like she is from the hood. And look what she is wearing! Talking about sexual harassment, wearing a low cut top. Fire her ass! Let the Shawn have his own show, and just dump that dumb bitch.

  3. If I have to hear Tiffany go, “uhh”, or “dude”, or Jeff to drop another F-bomb one more time I’m going to lose it. I get it they’re trying to come off in a casual fashion, but there’s a certain lack of professionalism that’s just kind of ridiculous.

  4. There needs to be a gentlemen’s academy to teach men the difference between cat calling a women and asking her out respectfully. Honestly!? Thank you host for continuing to point out the issues regarding sexual harassment and indiscretions by men. They obviously Have no clue!!!! I’m so mad! I can’t believe how much chivalry is dead!!! This is absolute disappointing and will tune out these two dudes from now on.

  5. Krista, I agree with teaching the diff between “cat calling” and asking a women out, respectfully. That said, “Chivalry is Dead” because the liberal ladies killed it! Blame it on the Lesbians and the Left Wing Radicals, who convinced the female masses you don’t need a man. Who’s that workin’ for you all now??

  6. No, it’s ubiquitous in our society from the morning you wake up until you go to bed, women are being objectified and subtly disrespected. Obviously it is so ingrained that most men don’t even see or understand the disrespectful nature of their comments.

    It is definitely NOT because of Liberal women or lesbians, etc.

    I guess chilvarly isn’t the exact word that best conveys what I meant. Treating everyone with courteousy and respect. People, especially men should not make anyone feel objectifying by comments that they make regardless of what they choose to wear.

    We all need a mindset change to make this world a better place for our future generation.


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