Praying for C.T. Fletcher.

One of the most influential and motivational figures in the bodybuilding and fitness community today, C.T. Fletcher has had a rough road as of late as he is in need of a heart transplant. Recently, C.T. Fletcher released a video documenting his current state and it was truly heart breaking to see. Now, the motivational figure is heading back to the hospital for a kidney function test.

But things could be looking up for C.T. Fletcher. If passes the kidney function test then he could receive the heart transplant he needs in order to potentially make a full recovery. Fletcher posted about heading back into the hospital for tests.

The GI Team is hoping that C.T. Fletcher can pass the kidney function test in order for him to get the heart transplant that he needs. Send your well wishes to C.T. Fletcher.

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    • yes for someone that is a of great statue and perseverance our hearts and love go out to you in prayers and know that you are the biggest role model to us and we strive daily because of you and what you teach us to become. much LOVE and prayers your way C.T. stay humble brother the lord is on your side.

    • You don’t want to pray. Fine. No one is twisting your arm. But don’t be an asshole about it if others choose to pray. Damn man. Even in a time like this and you have to be a dick.

  1. CT was a bodybuilder and powerlifter who use steroids, he had a heart attack and almost died, that would have being more than enough warning for more people to get off the juice slim down be happy you are alive and go do something else, but no CT continued to bodybuild and take roids and now he needs a heart transplant, I do not feel sorry for him you reap what you sow, I know some people will be upset by this but the truth is the truth.

  2. Genes have something to do with his heart issues just as the many years of steroid use. His claim of using once, unless he is being funny and his one cycle is the one he was on for several years.
    These youtube personalities are in the public spotlight year round and need to look their best year round. He may lower the amount of gear but he stays “On” year round.
    Another liar is CT’s buddy 50yr old Mine O’hearn who claims natural. He lies.

  3. Percentage wise, things the bodybuilders dying from, compared to the non bodybuilders dying from the same thing, are about the same. There isn’t a higher percentage of bodybuilders dying.People die from different things. Ironically, that’s life. Of course abuse and genetic factors will also have an influence.

  4. We have all made our decisions in life. I’m definitely not here to bash you over your head for the decision that you made. I am here to offer you the keys to salvation Found in the book of Acts 2:38
    Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ is still a healer. But if its his will that your flesh should perish at this time, then where will your everlasting soul abide..
    Please strongly consider Jesus
    CT I will be Praying for your strength and salvation. God-bless you brother

  5. СТ.давай одужуй,ти являєшся кумиром та мотиватором мільйонів фанатів бодібилдінгу,ми усі з тобою

  6. Ct is my role model I have the same problems as ct and I love to work out hereing ct story made me motivated to get back in the gym and I did just that ct is like a true live Superman our best go out to him and his family I’ll keep u in my prayers ct I know u can make it through this God got so much more for you keep your head up I can u say I command you to grow itsyourturn no resting itsyourturn no resting
    Brother I keep you in the family in my prayers from Alton Jone

  7. CT.Fletcher you was my hero when i met YOU on line years ago ,Now i pray the God i serve will allow you to have the things here on Earth to sustain you, (ISYMFS)
    May God Bless YOU

  8. Prayers are with you CT may god bless you and give you strength . Apart from what people would say you are a legend to me and a great insparation to the bodybuilding and fitness people around the world.

  9. Steroid use never ever ends well. Some use to say I dabble in cocaine till they started dropping like flies. Nothing healthy or natural with 90% of todays body builders, SAD

    Needs to be 100% steroids & McDonald’s Free Zone.

    Not even sure the human body was ever truly intended to deal with having hundreds of pounds of muscle built into our dna. Causes extra stresses on the heart & many other areas. Sure, it looks cool but healthy? The verdicts still out on that.. Lift safety

  10. Praying for you ct You are a big aspiration in my life.
    My family love you and we hope to see you back on top Soon.

  11. Praying For A Special Miracle From God For Yours Truly .. God Can Do It Again ! As We Speak God has Worked It Out ! Your Shine Is Bright Star ! Many More You Need To Motivate! God Isn’t Done With You Yet ! In Jesus Name Amen !!❤❤

  12. He should have sued McDonald’s because their menu was misleading I believe there was a case against McDonald’s back in the day and they changed their menu because of it..

  13. Get well soon big dawg you are a true inspiration too us all to get off our ass and get back into shape. Because I feel you can Complished mostly everything you want in your life as long as you are of sound Mind and Body.. We are all waiting for the comeback.If anyone can do it it’s “C.T.” .. They need to find C.T. Fletcher a Heart because not only is he a good man but he also saves the life’s of so many by how he Motivates them..

  14. C.T. I think of you and would like to give something back! When I was in a real bad condition it was you who encouraged me to start from the very beginnig. I love you ol motherfucker from the bottom of my heart! Get well soon!

  15. C. T. You have touch so many lives including mine. Remember ISYMFS so get well and keep motivating the masses and get back to lifting brother. We all love you and prayers going up for you.


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