BREAKING: The Results Of Rich Piana’s Autopsy Report Are In

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Rich Piana’s autopsy results are in… and the cause of death still seems murky.

Florida’s District Six Medical Examiner has completed Rich Piana’s autopsy – which can be read in full detail through MuckRock right here. The most in depth aspect of the report seems to concern his lungs – whih were filled with fluid and swollen.¬†Below are the key elements of what the report reveals:

  • An enlarged heart from “significant heart disease”
  • mild coronary atherosclerosis
  • fatty liver
  • congested thyroid
  • congested and discolored kidneys
  • ischemic brain tissue and brain swelling
  • ascites (accumulation of protein-containing fluid in the abdomen)

Ultimately the cause of death was never given or made clear through the report. Especially since no toxicology tests were administered. It seems that the hospital discarded the specimens despite requests that they be retained.

In the end this won’t answer any major questions other than the fact that Rich Piana had some serious health issues that lead to his death. Whether this was due to drug use specifically cannot be clearly proven.

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