BREAKING: The Results Of Rich Piana’s Autopsy Report Are In

Rich Piana’s autopsy results are in… and the cause of death still seems murky.

Florida’s District Six Medical Examiner has completed Rich Piana’s autopsy – which can be read in full detail through MuckRock right here. The most in depth aspect of the report seems to concern his lungs – whih were filled with fluid and swollen. Below are the key elements of what the report reveals:

  • An enlarged heart from “significant heart disease”
  • mild coronary atherosclerosis
  • fatty liver
  • congested thyroid
  • congested and discolored kidneys
  • ischemic brain tissue and brain swelling
  • ascites (accumulation of protein-containing fluid in the abdomen)

Ultimately the cause of death was never given or made clear through the report. Especially since no toxicology tests were administered. It seems that the hospital discarded the specimens despite requests that they be retained.

In the end this won’t answer any major questions other than the fact that Rich Piana had some serious health issues that lead to his death. Whether this was due to drug use specifically cannot be clearly proven.



    • Cops be shootin all these kids dese dayz brau, Juiced up lives matter. Damn cops set this dude up, pumped him up all full of this steroid stuff for 30 years without him noticin then got the coroner to cover it up. Seems fishy to me and no one sayin nothin. Richie Piano was a good dude and just misunderstood. This junk azz report be sayin All his organs was no good no moore and now the dude just no breathin but his lady be totally lyin with everyone about his main organ between his legs cuz that was smaller than most everyone else’s so he couldnt have done this crime. Media hoppin up everything cz this dude worked for trump as his press secretary i heard. coulda been Hillary Clinton imo man but this sounds like a police coverup. they shot him man. thay shot jp. i hope when he come back out of dis coma thing he will be back in the gym and ratz out those polices that gave him all dem drugs to make him sleepy. aight y’all, thatz all me got. If we need to get down in fla and march, yous lemme know. we should march on Goldz gym and get freaky wit it. I don see nuttin wrong with a lil pump and die.

  1. Save the read
    An enlarged heart from “significant heart disease”
    mild coronary atherosclerosis
    fatty liver
    congested thyroid
    congested and discolored kidneys
    ischemic brain tissue and brain swelling
    ascites (accumulation of protein-containing fluid in the abdomen)

  2. Florida’s District Six Medical Examiner has completed Rich Piana’s autopsy (read the full report at MuckRock).

    Here’s what got reported:

    -An enlarged heart (and ‘significant heart disease’)
    -Mild coronary atherosclerosis (plaque buildup on the artery walls)
    -Fatty liver
    -Congested thyroid
    -Congested kidneys
    -Discolored kidneys
    -Ischemic brain tissue (i.e. brain tissue that had lost blood supply)
    -Necrotic brain tissue (i.e. dead cells)
    -Brain edema (swelling)
    -Ascites (accumulation of protein-containing fluid in the abdomen)

    In addition, by far the lengthiest part of the autopsy’s notes concerned his lungs, which were filled with fluid and swollen (bronchopneumonia pleural effusion wih edema), showed apparent fat emboli and micro-abscesses, plus displayed both acute and chronic inflammatory cells.

    No cause or manner of death is given.

    And it would be nearly impossible to determine cause of death with any certainty, as a result of Piana’s severe heart disease and admitted (performance enhancing) drug use plus the fact that he survived in a coma for 18 days in the hospital.

    No toxicology tests were administered because the hospital discarded the specimens, despite an explicit request that they be retained

    • Chris Burns his heart was shitting itself and was unable to pump out blood effectively, thus becoming congested like too much traffic on a road, then this causes back up blood to his lungs which fill with fluid and due to back pressure it leaks in to his pleural sacs and this you have odema of the lungs, this then causes insufficient oxygen exchange so he has low oxygen in his blood, and low O2 in blood with a seriously compromised heart makes it work harder thus needing more 02 and when supply doesn’t meet demand you have cell death of the myocardium, ie. myocardial infarction

    • so what was up with all that insuln nonsense then they said it had something to do with his blood sugar and insuln lol people are fucking stupid to belive steroids had nothing to do with this when it had everything to do with this sad =/ ya

      • Crazy roid bros actually inject insulin with the steroids and hormone cocktails they shoot up on the daily. So it could have contributed. Likely, his heart, enlarged from steroids and congestion from eating dead bodies, could not pump blood anymore, esp not to meet the demand from likely massive amounts of recreational stimulants and narcotics.

  3. What’s crazy is he always stated he did see a doctor often and had levels tested frequently. If your liver is jacked ur enzyme levels are high etc. Your test etc would not be normal. So he either lied or his doc was shit.

    • Yeah, captain obvious came to point out the obvious to get some sort of self recognition even if it’s just a Facebook like. Well, rich drove a Bentley with his knees and did what he absolutely loved.. get over yourself. We know man, roids…

  4. “Live in such a way that if someone spoke badly of you, no one would believe it.” That was Rich, can’t say anything bad about him, even till this day he is still remembered and missed ☹️

  5. He’s gone Rest In Peace and farewell is all anyone should say anymore who gives a shit who,what,when or why he was a great man who I’ve met personally several times and will be missed by manu

  6. Steroid abuse for over 20 years, however Steroid use in hrt doses for basically any male over 40 has great effects. Rip Rich, missing the positivity and that evil laugh of his in his videos.

  7. R.I.P rich piana. Thanks 4 the memories. There will always b haters and ppl giving there opinions. The only ones who really know what happened r his wife, the paramedics, and the medical examiner.

  8. No toxicology report, neither was the injury he allegedly received after hitting his head when he originally collapsed?
    Either way, big loss to the industry, and a genuinely nice man, honest and helped a lot of people. RIP

  9. Rich Piana was KILLED and I do not care what anyone says. All of this time to do an autopsy, Sketchy findings, strange death to begin with , this odd wife he was with. I just wonder if someone in the supplement industry offed him to get rid of him as competition

  10. No cause of death? WTF they are talking about. many causes after all, they think they are talking with retards; and all of them linked to the prolonged use of AS thats a fact. The industry Will keep this like allways. Ascitis is for kidney and liver insufficiency , what else is missing for Christ!

  11. Don’t give a fuck what they say my great grandad died at 40 from a massive heart attack he ate fatty foods his entire life not one steroid grandfather pulmonary heart failure not one steroid. If it’s your time it’s your time steroids even just over exertion of the heart for long periods of time like say 20 naturally will build and wear the heart out. If he didn’t have went when he did one of those bitches would have injected him with insulin while he was passed out from partying which is probably what happened.

  12. My Medical knowledge working in the ER my best opinion is he had a minor heart attack and had asphyxiation due to the fluid on his lung and was induced in a coma to keep his system stable to try and drain fluids from the lungs and ascites abdo drain…no success then system failure….so in a nut shell minor heart attack started it or pulmonary embolism.

  13. The man lived his life the way he wanted. His lifestyle afforded him that opportunity. We can all bash, belittle, make assumptions, etc. Does nothing. Rich Piana enjoyed life. Noone here or anywhere can take that away or change it in any way. So continuing on with the bs is pointless. We all know he was on chemicals and he admitted to it so let’s grow up, shut the fuck up and move on.

  14. P.s this man was my idol before I saw him slap box a handicap kid because he felt threatened for a statement that this younger generation obviously had no idea what it truly meant. When somebody dies every one remember the good but let’s not forget the moments that this man showed his true colors

  15. Sad…i started out hating on Rich, but after really getting to know him (youtube) he grew on me. So few people tell it like it is anymore because of fear of ridicule. Rich had no fear whatsoever. RIP Big man!

  16. It’s crazy every time a bodybuilder dies the docs never say it was steroids it’s seems it’s always more than one thing but seems to me it’s there eating habits look at CT Fletcher heart problems which he blamed on fast food but you always have people on the outside of the bodybuilding industry always say it’s roids I say its there eating habits because I know they say an enlarged heart is a problem I’m not sure because the heart is a muscle and when muscles grow they get stronger and better but carrying all the weigh he did wasn’t good for all those years does effect the body

  17. RIP Rich.
    All you fkrs blaming this and that don’t go throwing stones in your glass houses. He was a man who did what he did not hiding in shadows or secrecy. He practiced what he preached and he was unreal so fuck all you haters cause we are all gonna check out at some time. And I be none of you will get 1% of the love that’s been sent to this man. It’s a loss when someone passes. Stop being armchair experts and give the man the respect that any human being should be afforded. Rant over

  18. Moderation is key…u can’t look like him without massive steroid use…and at what cost?? Your life?? If you use steroids in moderation it can help you achieve goals and not at the expense of your health ! A cycle once in awhile won’t hurt you..but you cannot pump all types of steroids hgh insulin etc. For years and years straight in massive doses…it Will kill you!! Not worth it! Do a cycle for 3 -4 months then lay off it for a year or more no need to be on so much shit for so long what are you trying to prove?!?

  19. In sport if an athlete dies everybody’s like RIP such a nice guy but in this game someone dies everybody’s like STEROIDS!! He deserved it ect. Even though steroids are in most sports. No one dies from steroids they have been linked to death but have not caused death directly

  20. He had a enlarged heart just like most athletes, lung and kidney damages like everyone who smokes, eats fried food and lives in a industrial city. So this didnt prove anything. I still feel he was poisoned and murdered

  21. Rich lived his life his way. And that’s something. Most of us are disinterested in how he died. But instead we focus on how he lived. And he lived pretty damn good. Rest easy big guy. Your flesh may be gone but your legacy will last forever.

  22. None of the causes listed can be directly linked to any type of steroid use, but the protein-containing fluid in the abdomen suggests an amyloid-type cancer. Just a partially-educated guess, but that was the only thing I saw in the list that would kill suddenly. Everything else is just cumulative disease that would not independently cause a sudden death.

  23. Why did he not go to doctors on a regular basis his arteries in his heart were narrowing and the heart was to big for the chamber and his brain was swollen and his lungs were full of fluid ,that’s a lot of things working against him and I was lucky enough to wake up one morning in 2004 and could hardly breath and went to emergency room and 90 percent of my arteries were blocked and they rushed me into surgery and put stents in my heart and I also did a lot of street drugs while doing my career and very grateful to be alive .I never weighed as much as Rich and his heart was working very hard to pump blood but it makes sense that the head injury is to blame and I really don’t care about the toxicology report I’m friends with his mom and wtf why are people still talking shit and now his mom has to relive this nightmare all over again have some respect Rich was a man who chose his journey in his life like myself I’m just lucky to be alive today .I constantly tell guys I work with to get blood work and have the hearts checked out at least once a year and people have to realize steroids are cholesterol binding in the heart and clogged the arteries,it’s common sense and people chose to ignore this all together .

  24. That was my exact thought I go to the doctors regularly and get my s*** checked out God knows you and I have had conversations about it I’ve even shared my reports with you

  25. Dog dont be dumb. It was a mixture of too many roids and too much coke.
    Rich was an icon in the industry, anyone with two brain cells however knows that he unfortunately had his demons. Which he eventually succumbed to.

  26. Nowhere in this autopsy does it say significant heart disease. It says enlarged heart in myocardium of left and right ventricles. This is saying that the heart muscle was enlarged, which is common in athletes. There were several questionable things in here but it doesn’t say anything about heart disease. If anything it says that heart-related stuff was mild.

    • Ok, in the beginning it does say significant heart disease. It doesn’t necessarily tie it to the enlarged heart aspect though. Would like a medical professional to lay it down for us because these autopsy reports require looking up every third word to understand and even then it doesn’t fill in a lot of blanks.

  27. I normally don’t write comments, but I feel in this instance I should. It wasn’t the steroids that killed him, but the growth hormones he also took. The cocaine and steroids might have damaged the heart, and due to an enlargement caused heart damage and could have created an arrhythmia that caused him to lose consciousness and his heart to stop. His girlfriend would not have been able to do decent compressions to supply o2 or blood flow to the brain due to his size, which is why there is ischemia to the brain. This is what caused him to be unable to wean off the ventilator or regain consciousness. It took 18 days because at around the 14 day marker families are given the choice between withdrawing and placing a tracheostomy tube in the neck, which means he would have been bedridden and vent dependent probably till his body gave out. Everybody has a fatty liver, and the fluid in his lungs very well because he was on his back on a vent for two weeks.


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