Paramedics were called to Piana’s home in Florida earlier this week.

UPDATE: Rich Piana and 5% Percent Nutrition director of marketing Jon Gatewood has confirmed with Generation Iron that Rich Piana is in stable condition and improving. It is still unknown what the direct cause of his hospitalization beyond rumors of overdose.

Original story follows below:

TMZ Sports reports that Piana was placed in a medically induced coma earlier this week after suffering an undisclosed “medical emergency.” Emergency medical technicians were called in response to a potential drug overdose. Piana was found unresponsive and transported to a local hospital.

We are following this story and will keep you updated as it develops. Our thoughts and prayers are with Rich Piana and his family during this difficult time.

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    • Love him or hate him Rich has represented us and bodybuilding well. He the first guy since Arnold to have charisma. I am not saying I agree with all his ways or choices. What I am saying is that he has been a strong wind that lifted a lot of sails. He obviously has some issues like many of us do, but that is not indicative of what is in his heart. Let’s give him a little slack here and allow him to some time to bleed and heal. There are also a lot of us here that may partake in the same high risk activities. Watch what happens with this guy, at any moment it could be you.

  1. I think thats one of the reasons he was trying to slim down and get his trt from a doctor and slowly ease off everything! Hopefully he will pull through this. does anybody know exactly how old he is? I figure he must be in his late 40s?

    • John Horberg yes abusing them can yet we’re talking about this instance. The article says drug overdose. He made a video of him going to the doctor and all his levels were good. You can’t take a shot and overdose on Roid’s.

    • Instead, anabolic steroid overdose is an accumulation of negative effects over long-term use (chronic overdose) 2. Extended anabolic steroid abuse can result in a serious set of negative effects, such as 2, 3:

      Kidney/liver damage.
      Increased blood pressure.
      Enlarged heart.
      Dangerous cholesterol changes, even in younger users.
      Major mood swings.
      Aggression and irritability.
      Stunted growth in young users.

      Technically you can over dose on anabolic steroids.


      • I’m an actual, practicing, M.D. – an Endocrinologist. There is no such thing as an acute hormonal overdose. It is an accumulative action of regulatory responses in the body that creates a dangerous scenario. Rich was on a lot of pharmaceuticals from questionable origins for a very long time, creating a very unstable environment. Any anomaly, whether it was street drugs or a contaminated steroid vial, could have caused him to go into cardiac arrest or suffer a stroke. Steroid use, especially in males with low testosterone or females with low estradiol, won’t kill them. Steroid abuse, like that of which Rich was partaking, can over the long term, destroy the body. He and Bostin Loyd are examples of extremes that I bring to my patients, many of whom are bodybuilders. – Dr. E. L. Mason

    • “found unresponsive put into a coma”

      Sounds like a heart attack. Induced by overdose, maybe, but heart attack I’d put money on it.

      If not caused by drugs, could just be a random blockage.

      Of course, he was found unresponsive, so who knows how long his brain went without oxygen?

    • John Horberg ok. Then explain why gh and other steroids are good to help infants and children grow right? That’s what they’re were for. Yet when men take them to build muscle just like the kids were given for the same results it’s bad?

    • Jared Erwin, of course you can overdose on “roids”…. do you have any idea how broad a term “steroids” is? there are multiple compounds that you could overdose on. now, in regards to your question about GH, the body self regulates. it kn ows what it needs and when it needs it and this is the case for most of us. if a child is prescribed GH it’s because that child’s body is not working properly so they are giving the body what it needs via synthetic hormones. when a person takes GH for the purpose of bodybuilding it’s very different. they are taking regulation into their own hands and supplying the body with an abundance of an indiscriminate hormone. EVERYTHING grows and it keeps growing because it keeps getting the signal to do so. you’re comparing apples to bananas buddy.

    • That’s something I do know first hand about…. the use for children and young adults for growth is used in a CONTROLLED very strict monitored environment… steroid users usually don’t realize how much they use compared to doctors doses and how powerful these hormones really are…it’s lethal when u put too much of anything in your body… ask the lady who died drinking water for the Nintendo wii…

    • Jared Erwin, first let me say I am not at all against steroids. I very much believe you should be able to buy whatever gear you want liked back in the 80s. having said that, you’re a dumb ass. of course there have been steroid related deaths and of course there is proof of it. the argument is not that steroids have never killed anyone but rather, the number of steroid related deaths annually is somewhere around 16 vs drugs or alcohol which is in the hundreds of thousands. for fuck sake if you’re going advocate for steroids educate yourself because you’re making us look bad.

  2. I never wish harm on man but Rich said this would happen to him literally said he will die from all the drugs he’s done and wasn’t stopping… he will go down as a lesson not to do whenever he’s gone … hope he pulls through it he’s obsessed…. Damm First CT Fletcher and now Rich …