Tragic news as early reports have claimed Rich Piana has died.

Breaking News – GI has reliable sources that have been informed of the untimely passing of Rich Piana.

It has now been confirmed by the District Six Medical Examiner in Florida that Rich Piana passed away early Friday morning at the hospital.

Rich has been in a medically induced coma for the past week. Paramedics found crushed white powder on his table along with a credit card and a straw upon entering his home. This led the paramedics to give Rich 2 doses of Narcan (used to treat opiate overdoses) to try and revive him.

Unfortunately, Rich never regained consciousness and was then transported to a nearby hospital where he was later put into a medically induced coma.

Fans have been sending messages via a special phone line to help give support as he recovered. Our thoughts and prayers go out to friends and family at this time.

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          • Scott, we are in biological terms defined as opportunistic omnivores. Which is drastically different from being an obligate omnivore. It means that our physiology is adapted for eating plant foods, but in times of need we can get energy from animal foods. We pay a price for this adaptation though, because as science tells us, the more animal foods we eat, the higher our risk of heart disease and cancer becomes. Minimal amounts of these foods don’t cause a problem, but excluding them entirely (veganism) also doesn’t cause a problem, so your argument is faulty.

            You’re also using an appeal to nature fallacy. I can use the same logic you just used by pointing at the food chain and say that if I am physically stronger than you, then it is right for me to subdue you and make you my slave, or kill you. Of course, this isn’t the case. We understand as civilized human beings that might doesn’t make right.

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          • Rich was looking to die for years with the crap he was injecting himself with how many bb have died already

        • Until your not eating something alive, you have no room to judge. A plant is alive just like an animal. Your a species specific saver. If life matters like you profess stop eating plants! Hypocritical ignorance knows no bounds. Smh

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        In fact, I could not possibly care less what I’m called now–while living!

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    • A man is dead… and his family and friends are suffering and you are celebrating. Where is your moral compus… I’m in shock people can be so heartless.

      What has this man or any of his family or friends done to you?

      He was a person… who inspired and motivated thousands to become the best virsion of themself… he made mistakes showing he is just a normal person…

      Show some self respect and have a word with yourself. Engage your brain before you type. No one likes a keyboard worrier that spouts negativity.

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    • So what he took roids or not…he still busted his ass under those weights. Not only that he spentbye years motivating ppl giving positive and constructive moral advice. Nah you go and fuck yourself, not an event to cheer for

  1. I saw him in person and he looked seriously ill at the fit expo earlier this year.. he definitely had some kind of organ cirrhosis or decay. It was a ticking time bomb and it’s unfortunate he did not listen to his body before it was too late. RIP big dog

    • He did not ‘leave’. The electrolytic process in his brain simply shut down. Thus, information ceased to flow through his neural connectomes ― a state we apply the term “death” to.

      Nothing actually “left”. However, he may well have left BEHIND I tidy nest egg, for some lucky heir…

  2. If this is true, I am so sorry.
    Rich was a big motivation for lots. Regardless of what is being said, he was in the same mindset as all in bodybuilding. He trained and lived like he wanted. I will miss him?

  3. R.I.P Rich Piana, you’ll always be a legend and inspiration! You gave me the boost to get into training and it’s helped build my confidence so I thank you for that. Sleep tight 🙁

    • There is no “up there”. For if there was, all terrorist martyrdom would be well justifiable. (…72 virgins / 28 pearly boys, and all that.)

  4. Body dysmorphic disorder and capitalist vanity claims another victim. RIP in peace ricky, you’re truly left humanity behind this time..

    • “Small man syndrome” is an actual, diagnosable mental disorder, which has a very strong correlation to body builders / body building.

      The images of this man that I have seen (admittedly, only a few), depict a person who looks (*each to their own, notwithstanding) utterly grotesque: veins protruding from every square inch of his person―as if from a giant, bipedal, erect penis; a face that looked decades older than its chronological age; tattoo degeneracy scrawled all over the skin, like unintelligible graffiti on the side of a Chicago train…. A right, royal mess―by any, objective measure.

      Clearly, one would indeed have to be in the throes of a some kind of mental disorder, in order to find attractive, something that ― by all human measures of normalcy ― was so heinously and horrifically hideous.

      It’s little wonder he died ― he looked like dead itself!

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    • Give it up dude. Trolling a dead man is pretty fucking lame . Yeah yall had differences, but set that aside , guys gone. Let it be. Or troll on. Guys body isnt even cold yet and youre giving your medical opinion on his organs. Give it a rest bro. For a long time.

      • I never intended to troll the corpse. What would be the point of that?… And I definitely harbour no weird ‘necrotrolliac’ fetishes… EEEEEEEUWWWWWWWW!!

        I troll only the BRAIN-dead; my sweet, gentle, innocent, little, expendable meat shield of Zion’s chosen ones. OX♥✡

    • An African child dies every twelve(12) seconds from malnutrition and / or disease. They also die in far more excruciating circumstances ― as distinct from being asleep, in a coma.

      >check you depression

  5. Special thoughts and heartfelt prayers are with Rich and his family during this time of sorrow.
    As seen in his video a very humble guy

    • Your prayers are coming a little late here, don’t you think?

      Also, when has a prayer EVER worked ― in the entire, verifiable, recorded history of prayers being intoned by supplicating saps…? <_<

      • If you don’t believe prayers, don’t try to make people feel stupid for sending prayers people’s way. Also, I don’t understand your whole logic behind being a dick. This man is dead, his family is hurting, his fans are upset, no one needs a negative energy in their time of mourning. Be respectful man.

  6. RIP Rich. You were a HUGE Man, and an even BIGGER Inspiration to so many young men and women that wanted more out of life than just the bare minimum.
    I hope you went peacefully into the long good night.
    All Love.

    • How exactly is dying from a steroid overdose / the inimical effects of steroid abuse, an “inspiration”?

      Or, are referring to those who want to commit suicide…!? =/

      • I love how your trying to come off as intelligent and then you say things like “steroid overdose”. I know you are “trolling”, (literally the most d-bag word I’ve ever heard) but you cannot honestly be that fucking stupid to think he died of a “steroid overdose”?!? Lmfao stay in your parents basement, faggot.

        • “I love how your trying to come off as intelligent”

          HAHAHAHAHAHA… *takes breath*… HAHAHAHAHAHA…

          (NB: Intelligence is relative.)
          (PS: xD)

      • Trolius maximus, dude, stfu. You honestly have nothing better to do with your time than go through everyone’s comments who are trying to be genuine, and make an insult and try to justify someone’s death as basically “no big deal”. Get a different hobby buddy. He lost his life and he was greatly respected in his sport because of the empire he built. He was real and talked about what he had done to his body. Needless to say I’m sure you’re probably still living in your mother’s basement, afraid of being part of this world, and haven’t accomplished anything to ever be remembered for. So then you think it’s okay to hide behind a computer screen typing all these responses to try and slander people for being upset about this horrible situation. Think about when your time comes, will anyone even know, will anyone care, will anyone remember your name or even talk about you after you’ve “left” (which you don’t even believe in)? The answer is no. So stop with the jealous act and allow people to grieve how they please. If you don’t agree with what they’re saying, don’t read the comments. Stop checking the page every damn 30 seconds. Go back on your favorite porn site that you have a monthly subscription to and go on about your damn day.

        • I am afraid, there will be many more deaths to come ― in order to maintain the “shock doctrine” cycle, that the chaos capitalistic greed machine demands; my little, expendable, pauper’s grave filler goyim.

          Save your fears, tears and puling for Mother’s deaved ear, fretful flea. For She walks among us now and it is SOULS―nay shekels―which she seeks, as recompense for your turpitude… ?

  7. A man had died left a family behind who know doubts will be deverstated. You may not like what he did or stood for but at least show his family some respect

    • >looks at distended, vein-striated, ‘roid raging gimp
      >said gimp ends up prematurely decreased
      >this, despite the obvious implication that someone of such a gratuitous musculature, should at least relatively healthy (horse jizz protein shots, notwithstanding)

      You must have failed Common Core Pattern Recognition 101… Back to detective college, Barron Dumbf!

    • Sure ― IF you do not DIE in the process!

      You know, not unlike inspiring people to become president of the “United” States ― as long as you’re NOT Dumb-old Judea Drumpf.

      (PS: You’ve officially been trolled! ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)? )

        • Not even close, hapless cuckold of the vigina jew. An insinuation that, in and of itself, is well droll ― given it was made at a BODY BUILDING website: the literal faggot Mecca of pseudo sports!
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          That said, you do realise we’ll all be ‘Children of Men’ faggots by and by ― given sarlaccs are dying out…? (NB: Puberty @ 16 in 1850 vs. puberty @ 9 in 2017 = XX chromosomal extinction by c.2150)

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    • I do not hate that which I do not know. Patently, that would be Donald “My Daughter’s a Jewcubator” Dumbf level asinine.

      However, I do reserve my right to troll low-I.Q., halfwitted, triggerable, barbell fellating fools ― who are easier to bait than a Catholic priest, using a naked, prepubescent boy! Shit’s so ca$h!

  8. Yo all ya ni**as with dumb a*s comments need to relax nd take a chill pill. Ya need to check ya f**king brains before ya say something #FuckingRetards

  9. Some of the comments posted in this article are appalling. It’s shocking that people mock the death of another human being and the people on here are supposedly iron heads too. RIP Rich. A sad week for bodybuilding.

  10. man this sucks. watched every video this man posted and followed his shit. very knowledgeable and very straight up. be hard to replace him in the sport. gonna hate not seeing his videos post. jus lost someone to over dose not long ago and it was hard to swallow. if ppl need an escape why can’t we smoke cannabis? why we keep losing these awesome ppl to addiction and drugs over doses. crazy how someone can touch your life and never even meet them in person or so much as txt. rip rich. you’ll be missed godammit

  11. This is tragic
    My dad, Schwarzenegger, Columbo, and Stallone were the reasons I started working out. Piana was the reason I wanted to be a beast. It’s sad that an inspiring guy like Piana passed, he still had a lot more going for him.

  12. People make me sick struggling to do adulting this week, but reading these comments I think people are struggling to be human. If kindness is most peoples weakness these cunts are struggling to be human. Jealous mutha fuckers whom will never achive nothing special in life talking smack about a legend on his death bed.

  13. how can this comment section be open to comments ? close it up
    it is still breaking news, not brought officially, the crows have been circling for days,
    and now they can land, and pick on some grains , get a life

    • I dunno, I’m gunna wait for the actual statement. They said he died over a week ago and the family came out and said it was false. Family hasn’t issued a statement yet, just his ex wife. Could be true. Sad if so

  14. I’m absolutely heartbroken at this…. He helped 1000s upon 1000s of people to change their lives and now he’s no longer with us :/

    Everyone has their own demons and for all of his, Rich Piana was an incredible individual, with a mindset far beyond what 95% of the world could ever know…

    The fitness world will mourn another legend taken far too soon

    Rest in peace Rich, your legacy will live on

  15. Ppl die from smoking and alcohol related deaths every day but u never hear them getting shit , rich was very open about wat he did and never once did he say that u gotta take gear, he always advices ppl to do there research first and see if they wanna go down that line , a legend of bobdbuilding and will be missed by many , RIP GOD DAM IT”

  16. pills are the devil, you are better off drinking and smoking yourself to death over time. at least that way, you have time to contemplate getting help and overcoming. overdosing is very sudden

    • Fuck it. Never had chance. Always wanted to meet my fav bodybuilders Jay and Phil and Legends Arnold and Rich. Il never had a chance to meet Rich. With His charisma he whould have been as huge star as Arnie if he had a body. Sad to see such charismatic person gone. Left Humanity behind forever…

  17. Sad news! But every bodybuilder knows victory costs ! Every time you pay a little more! The drugs on this level what this guys do is very dangerous! But its very sad & i wish a lots of energy to his family!

  18. I remember the first time I saw him at a show and didn’t know who he was. I was memorized because of how big he was. Sad day in bodybuilding. His family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  19. Some of the comments I’m seeing is disgusting beyond belief, I met him twice and he happens to be a very nice person who appreciated the fans who queued hours just to meet him, he never bullshitted anyone and he knew his addiction was killing him but to make horrible comments is unacceptable, his family and girlfriend now have to come to terms with Rich’s unfortunate passing

  20. Rich touched hundreds of thousands of people- he’s gotten so many people off there couches and into gyms working out- GOD BLESS him- the fleas that post negative things will answer to the big man one day for sure!!! We all will- BLESS his family & friends- enjoyed his charismatic personality and his sense of humor- you’ll be so miss Rich 🙁

  21. TO ALL BODYBUILDERS IN THE WORLD { IT’S NOT WORTH IT } One by one, day by day, your lives are disappearing… and for what??? May Rich rest in peace. Condolences to his family. #itsNOTworthit.

  22. PLEASE BE KIND ENOUGH TO NOT POST HATE AND SMUT…IF NOT OUT OF RESPECT..THEN .FOR OUR FAMILY’S SAKE ….WE ARE devastated and hurting deeply. Thank You….if you are a bodybuilder, then he was your brother and he gave his life for the sport.

  23. rip rich piana.if he didnt go too far about getting size up, we wouldnt hear that sad case.sometimes pressure is killing.just do what you can,result longer but important you are behaving yourself discipline.dont take short cut,risk always body builder in history.

  24. Fuck this man. I’m going to miss waiting for his videos….reading all the comments…wanting to be as big as fuuuuuck just like him.
    Gone too soon. Rest in peace. I hope there is a gym in heaven waiting for you Rich…

  25. Rich ate too many painpills..

    Dallas swallowed too big of a bite of food….

    Neither died from Steroid use and practically no one in history ever has…

    We’re either of them perfect human beings that never lost their temper or said something stupid? Hell NO. And neither are you or I…

    Both had girlfriends and mothers and fathers that are traumatized and probably barely want to go on living from the pain right now…


    All these 10 year old kids that are online 90% of their free time are learning from you is hate… Hate and a total lack of empathy for their fellow man. This society is absolutely screwed if you continue setting this example for our youth….

    Let this man and Dallas McCarver and all the other unfortunate tragedies recently rest peacefully, so their loved ones can accidentally go on the internet without seeing this hateful, putrid garbage spewed about someone that they loved unconditionally….

  26. I don’t have much sympathy for people who die from illegal drug abuse and who represent a culture that preaches “health and fitness”. Maybe if he wasn’t an idiot, got help, and put down the pills and needles this wouldn’t be a topic of conversation.

  27. Very sorry for the loss of a wonderful person and son to Christine! Prayers to your family. Yes, people please be respectful and do not post hateful or negative comments. Here for you Christine and family if you need anything I am here for you!