Breon Ansley Shares Back Workout To Build Thicker Lats Ahead Of 2022 Arnold Classic

Breon Ansley has targeted his lats as a potential area of improvement heading into the season.

Breon Ansley is looking to begin the 2022 season with a bang. He has been working in the offseason to improve some parts of his physique and there has been a huge focus on his back. Ansley recently shared a back workout that focuses on stretching his lats to add thickness. This is his goal as he prepares to take the stage at the 2022 Arnold Classic.

Ansley has been sharing many workouts in recent weeks. He began an entire series on his prep for the Arnold Classic on his YouTube page. Last week, Ansley released the fourth episode of this series and it focused on building up his lats.

Breon Ansley is a two-time Classic Physique Olympia champion. He is still one of the top-tier competitors in the division today. Ansley finished third at the 2021 Olympia behind Chris Bumstead and Terrence Ruffin. Bumstead completed his three-peat in October and is looking to make it four in a row in December. Ruffin will defend his Arnold Classic title after winning the event in September.

Ansley will make sure to show up in his best shape. He began this session by going through a mobility warm-up that emphasizes scapular control and stretching his lats. This sets the tone for a big workout.

The first exercise of the day is a superset. Ansley pairs bent-over rows with a variation of a rack pull. During this set, Ansley stresses the importance of keeping his core engaged.

“Don’t loosen your core. It’s going to loosen your back — that’s how you’re going to pull your back. Keep core tight.”

Breon Ansley completes single-arm seated rows. He adds a new element to the exercise by reaching as far as he can while the weight is lowered. This is done to continue that stretch in his lats that provides the extra boost in size. Ansley then moves onto a triple set. This features seated rows, low cable rows, and paused face pulls. The final exercise of the workout is underhanded seated rows.

After the workout, Ansley was satisfied with the work he put in. He will certainly be one of the top names at the Arnold Classic and has a chance to take home the prize in Classic Physique. It will be another stacked lineup but that is what makes for an exciting and entertaining show.

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