British Teen Natural Bodybuilding Champion Is 100% Vegan

Jack Stayner made some solid gains on a purely vegan diet.

Jack Stayner, began weightlifting at the age of 14, inspired by superheroes and television characters. Four years later he is on the cusp of being internationally recognized as a bodybuilder. He currently works as a personal trainer in Newcastle, and finished second at the 2017 World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Championships in November 2017.
He told Daily Star Online, that his natty physique is a product of a vegan diet.

“I had been interested in going vegan for a long time but was too afraid due to stereotypes of losing muscle and potentially hindering my training in the gym. After lots of research I fully convinced myself that it was possible to reach my bodybuilding goals and be vegan at the same time. The next day I turned vegan and never looked back.”

Jack will be joining other UK champions to form a team for a fully paid trip to Boston to compete in the renowned World Natural Bodybuilding Federation Championships. He has traveled to America before to receive specialized coaching from experienced bodybuilders. He has been vegan for around a year.

“I realized that this whole year I had been both the biggest and strongest I had ever been to the most shredded I had ever been. I’d won my regional qualifier and was the UK & International Champion and I’d done it all in one year as a vegan, which really blew my mind!”

He said that his friends warned him about turning vegan, and overall his decision met with a lot of resistance.

“To my surprise it was a lot easier than I first anticipated and it didn’t affect my training in a negative way. I felt I lost no muscle, strength or energy. In fact, I felt cleaner than ever, my sleeping pattern improve and my recovery time shortened.”

Jack added he enjoys his work as a trainer almost as much as his work as an athlete:

“I can’t think of anything better than spending my time helping others become healthier and fitter.”

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