The Buff Dudes Hit ‘Apollo Creed’ Workout To Tribute Carl Weathers

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The Buff Dudes honored Carl Weathers with his legendary workout.

The Buff Dudes do not shy away from a fitness challenge or intense workout and this time, it was a tribute to the late great Carl Weathers. During a recent video on their YouTube page, Buff Dudes hit Weathers’ ‘Apollo Creed’ workout.

Hudson & Brandon White have built a following of nearly three million subscribers on YouTube. Their videos have consisted of taking on different workouts and challenges, such as Brock Lesnar’s UFC workout and the Hotshot 500. The brothers have also taken on legendary workouts of Tom Platz and Ken Shamrock.

Weathers became known for his role as Apollo Creed, taking on Rocky Balboa in the first Rocky movie in 1976 for the heavyweight title. He returned in Rocky II for a title rematch with Rocky. His third appearance was to fight Clubber Lang, who was played by Mr. T. Weathers’ final appearance in the Rocky franchise was Rocky IV where he was killed in the ring during a battle with Ivan Drago.

Weathers built an impressive physique on the big screen for many roles and did so with work ethic in the gym.

The Buff Dudes Take On Carl Weathers’ Workout

The workout was a full-body circuit that hit many areas. The full workout was done in three sets of 10 reps for each movement:

The workout had a focus on shoulders and this is where it began. The Buff Dudes hit neck press before moving on.

“You’ll see a lot of old-schoolers in the 70’s and 80’s use it but it’s not really a popular exercise with today’s generation.”


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There are many actors today that are able to tailor their physiques to certain roles. Mark Wahlberg and Zac Efron come to mind immediately because of their ability to transform their bodies effectively.

This is nothing new. Dating back to the era of Carl Weathers, and even before, it has been about building muscle and looking your best for roles. This is why certain exercises are included to build shoulders and back.

“Being a bodybuilder, being an actor, being an action hero, you want to look a certain way. Bigger shoulders, bigger back. It gives you that nice V-taper so I can see why they’re including exercises like the dumbbell lateral raises.”

The Buff Dudes wanted to tribute Carl Weathers and all of the great work he did, both in and out of the gym.

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