Are Bungee Workouts the Future of Fitness?

Fitness trends come and go like the seasons.

Bungee workouts are being touted as one of the latest workout hacks, emerging alongside other newbies like CrossFit as alternative exercise that (allegedly) has benefits that go far beyond that of a normal gym. We all know these trends come and go with little lasting impact on the workout world at large, but some of them do succeed in bringing new ideas about fitness to the public attention. Bungee gyms have opened this year in upstate New York and Los Angeles.

One of the reasons bungee gyms are frequented by fitness junkies is that the exercises offer an extremely high load of cardio exercise without the traditional stress on joints that comes from things like lifting weights, doing bench presses, etc. This could be especially helpful for those of us who suffer repeat injuries in the gym or are trying to get back into fitness after a recent injury. Like working out underwater, going to a bungee gym supports your body while you exercise so that your bones are ultimately less impacted by the stress of constant motion.

Ultimately, bungee workouts are no substitute for the real thing. But they can be helpful from a physical therapy perspective, or maybe for someone just looking for a little light exercise to help them take better care of their body. It could be a great supplemental exercise for someone looking to come back from a recent injury, but it definitely doesn’t produce the results that come from putting in real work at the gym.