Calf Press (Calves) – Exercise Guide

Muscles worked: Calves

Equipment needed: Calf Press Machine


1. Ensure that your legs are slightly bent by adjusting the seat.The balls of your feet should be firmly on the platform. Grab your preferred weight and grasp the handles. This is your starting position.

2. Straighten your legs by extending the knees this should just barely lift the weight from the stack. Flex your ankle fully with toes pointing up. Now perform the movement by pressing downward through the balls of your feet as far as possible. Hold at the top of the contraction.

3. After a brief pause, reverse the motion and repeat.

Variations/How To

Target the Inner and Outer Calves

Your calves consist of three heads, and you can train them using different feet placement. The parallel feet placement primarily targets the medial calves. To target the outer calf heads, stand with your toes together and heels apart (forming an “A”). Forming a “V” by placing your heels together and toes apart will train your inner calf heads.

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