Road To The IFBB: Calum von Moger Finally To Compete In First NPC Show

Making the transition.

If you’re bodybuilder looking to compete at the highest levels of the sport then an athlete must hedge all their bets enter an amateur NPC event. In order to compete in the IFBB an individual must first become an NPC champion which will in turn yield a pro card. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it, if you want to be the best of the best in any category of professional bodybuilding then becoming an IFBB pro should be a bodybuilder ultimate goal. There are other leagues and federations for bodybuilding, but the IFBB is the pinnacle. As such, many talented individuals who are competing outside the biggest bodybuilding organization in the world are considered by many to be merely spinning their wheels. But it appears that one such fan favorite is looking to finally enter the ranks of the IFBB.

For the past few years Calum von Moger has gained a tremendous amount of popularity. While he may have been compared to Arnold Schwarzenegger in the beginning of his career, Calum has now established his own brand. An advocate of classic bodybuilding, Calum has been dominating the competition with his old school mindset about training. While many wondered how he would fair in the IFBB open weight division, the introduction of the classic physique category has given Calum von Moger an avenue to a potential Olympia championship.

Still can’t believe Calum is coming to the IFBB? Then check out the posting below that explains his desire to compete in an NPC show.

What do you think of Calum von Moger and his decision to become an IFBB pro?

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