Calum von Moger is heading to the operating room.

When Calum von Moger announced that he had torn his bicep we didn’t exactly know the extent of the injury. In many cases, a bicep tear can really make or break the aesthetic look of the arm. A great deal of bodybuilders have suffered the injury and have seen their progress dwindle because of it.

While the bicep tear could have potentially been minor, it appears that surgery will be necessary in order to repair the torn tendon. Calum announced on his Instagram page the extent of the injury and what kind of surgery he’ll have to undergo in order to repair his bicep.

While a bicep tear can be very damaging for a bodybuilder’s career, there is a great chance that Calum von Moger will be able to make a full recovery and get back on track. As of now it will take time, patience and diligence, but looking at things in the long haul is the only way that Calum will be able to make a return to form.

What do you think of Calum von Moger announcing he’ll need bicep surgery?

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  1. Tendon repair can be complicated bit good physician and good genes on Calumn’s part will speed recovery. 8-12 weeks before full extension. 6mths before using weights of substance again. Probably a 1 yr set back to get back where he was. Screwing around cost a year. Other hand a year of solid legs

  2. Paid for his idiotic behaviour. Calum will never make it anywhere if he keeps on acting like this. Arnold was literally “acting” when he was Calum’s age. He wants to be like Arnold, but Arnold’s mindset is so much more different than Calum’s. Arnold is smart. Calum’s f.kin stupid.

  3. Looks to me like none of you idiots know how to spell when your trying to talk shit about someone. Everyone of you should shut the hell up about this guys arm and go back to fucking school to learn how to talk and spell.

  4. All you guys talking shit about cal need to stop hating. He screwed up playing around and I’m sure he knows it. The guy has built his career without even going pro and is living a dream. If any of you guys that are saying negative things about him it’s clear that you don’t even watch his videos. Hes always happy and full of great energy. Good luck cal I hope your recovery is quick and without problems


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