Calum Works His Wheels With Depletion Sets Just 10 Days Out

On to the next challenge.

The IFBB. No matter how you slice it, the long running federation is the premiere organization for all of professional bodybuilding. There are plenty of other organizations that exist out there, but none with as much notoriety and history as the IFBB. As such, the organization houses some of the best talent in the world of bodybuilding. With names like Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Mamdouh “Big Ramy” Elssbiay, Dexter Jackson, and many more, it’s easy to see why so many athletes in the field wish to join their ranks. One of those up and coming athletes are the road to joining the ranks of the IFBB is Calum von Moger.

By now, everyone is familiar with Calum von Moger. An advocate of the old school, “the second coming of Arnold”, the future of bodybuilding, a lot has been said about Calum as he’s risen through the ranks. But he wasn’t in the IFBB and that led to many different discussions of interests, namely, how would Calum von Moger do in the IFBB? Well it seems that the Australian bodybuilder has been asking himself that very same question.

Calum has already taken his first step toward joining the ranks of the IFBB. He won his first NPC show last month in an attempt to bolster his resume as he works his way to getting his pro card. Now he’s onto his next stop on the journey as he intends to compete at another show in ten days time. And from the looks of things he’s taking his training to a next level to ensure that he destroys the competition and takes home another win.

Do you think Calum von Moger has what it takes to become an Olympia champion?

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