Cedric McMillan Withdraws From 2021 Arnold Classic

Cedric McMillan will miss the event while still recovering from injuries.

Cedric McMillan was forced to miss the 2020 Olympia because of different injuries and operations. He was expected to make his return during the 2021 Arnold Classic in September in Columbus, Ohio. McMillan recently announced that his plans for a return will have to be put on hold.

McMillan shared a post on Instagram detailing his most recent setback. He is still recovering from surgery to repair a broken hand. McMillan received this operation back in February and has been unable to train. Unfortunately, fans will have to wait to see McMillan back on stage.

“Just wanted to let everybody know I won’t be able to compete at the Arnold this year as I’m still recovering and the docs were like “uhh nope Mr McMillan”, this is the first year I’ve missed since my first one in 2013. I can’t wait to get back on that stage. But guess what, I will be there as part of the broadcast team!,” Cedric McMillan wrote.

“Hopefully me and Arnold can call the show together, that would be an honor for me. I hope to help bring a different feel and experience to all of you that will be watching the show online. Pray for me that I don’t say to many curse words haha”

The Arnold Classic has an impressive lineup for the event and McMillan was set to be one of the biggest names. This also impacts McMillan’s status for the 2021 Olympia. It is now likely that he will have to miss his second-straight competition unless he receives a special invitation and can accept it.

Cedric McMillan last competed during the 2020 Arnold Classic, where he placed sixth. His last victory came during the 2019 Romans Muscle Fest Pro Men’s Bodybuilding. McMillan has competed in each Arnold Classic since 2013 with his best finish coming in 2018 when he placed third.

McMillan did not provide any specific details on his latest setback but it is likely that he will not be back on stage for awhile. Fans are hoping that he can get healthy and back to competing soon enough.

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Greg Patuto
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