Looking back Cedric McMillan wishes he was leaner.

Cedric McMillan proved himself and the gut instincts of Arnold Schwarzenegger with a major win at last year’s Arnold Classic. But when Shawn Ray asks him how that victory felt… Cedric can’t help but be critical of his physique. The bottom line – he didn’t look as good as he thinks he should have looked. And now he’s aiming to change that at the Arnold Classic 2018. With a much more intense lineup awaiting Cedric at this year’s competition – will his improvements be enough to keep him as the champion?

Cedric also touches upon the tragic death of Dallas McCarver, how he still thinks about him every day, and how he can’t help but feel guilty for being the kind of competition that might have made Dallas push himself too far. As always Cedric gives a passionate and unique interview. Watch the full video above!



  1. I love my brother to the moon and back! He has the biggest heart. He hasn’t changed one bit and I’m so proud of him for that.


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