Championship Backs: The Best Backs From The Last Three Decades Of Bodybuilding

Some of the best backs in bodybuilding history.

There have been many great athletes throughout the history of competitive bodybuilding. With so many different genetics and body types in existence, there have been a fair share of unique physiques presented at the highest levels of the sport.

With champions like Dorian Yates, Phil Heath, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson and a host of other bodybuilding standouts, there has always been one prevailing truth amongst the best of the best. If you wanted to be a champion and prove your pedigree, you not only had to have an impressive physique on the front side of the body, but also the back.

While it may be an amateur mistake to focus all of your attention on the front of the body, a true bodybuilding champion focuses on every part of the their physique and the back is one of the most important body parts to build up.

Former high level bodybuilding competitor Chris Cormier recently made a post on Instagram that showcased some of the best backs in history stretching back thirty years. Take a look!

Which bodybuilding legend do you think had the best back in their prime?

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