The dark life that Jens left behind.

THE BEAST – is a bodybuilding mini series event focused on Jens Dalsgaard, also known as The Beast. After being sentenced to prison, Jens found new meaning in the form of bodybuilding and transformed his life. Now a massive titan covered in tattoos and a fiery beard… he faces the world no longer a prison but as a beast. The Beast is a 4 part mini series and airs every Saturday.

By now it’s known that Jens Dalsgaard came from a life of crime, went through prison, and came out with a brand new resolve to transform his life and his body. Now get to know the reason he originally turned to a life of crime. How his youth and circumstances lead to a life of stealing and fighting… and the exact moment when he looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize what he sees.

Much like fitness – changing your life isn’t something you do once and then move on. It’s a constant struggle and constant hard work. Jens can’t erase the life of crime he held before prison… but he can continue to work every day to be the ideal person he wants to see in the mirror. Inside and outside – the change only comes through doing. Check out chapter 2 of The Beast above!

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