Every tattoo has a story.

THE BEAST – is a bodybuilding mini series event focused on Jens Dalsgaard, also known as The Beast. After being sentenced to prison, Jens found new meaning in the form of bodybuilding and transformed his life. Now a massive titan covered in tattoos and a fiery beard… he faces the world no longer a prison but as a beast. The Beast is a 4 part mini series and airs every Saturday.

Part of what defines Jens Dalsgaard as The Beast is his overwhelming amount of tattoos from top to bottom on his whole body. Combine that with his fiery beard and massive amounts of muscle – and you have a person who fits the title “The Beast.” But just like most situations – the tattoos have much more meaning beyond looking powerful and intense. Each tattoo has a story connected with his dark and challenging past. Connected to his time in prison. Connected to his relationship with his mother. Connected to the man he once was and how, no matter how much he may transform his mind and body, he can never erase the past.

In Chapter 3 of The Beast – Jens takes us on a deep dive of his tattoos as he adds yet another design onto his body courtesy of his younger brother. You can watch the episode above!

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