Chef Rush explains if bodybuilders should indulge in alcohol and how much is too much.

Across the world indulging in alcohol is seen as a normal social activity. This is especially true in the United States to a point where certain doctors and experts suggest the culture drinks too much. In bodybuilding, drinking alcohol can bring in more complications, specifically due to the strict diet needed in order to bring the best physique on stage. But do they need to avoid alcohol entirely? Or can that socially partake every so often? In our latest GI Exclusive, Chef Rush explains if a bodybuilder should drink alcohol and where to draw the limit.

Bodybuilders need to be strict about every single thing that they put in their body. This is especially true for competitive bodybuilders. Nothing can go wrong if a bodybuilder wants to bring a truly spectacular package onto the stage. This usually means that alcohol is out of the question when it comes to enjoy dinner, a party, or other social situations.

But does this mean that bodybuilders cannot drink alcohol at all? And is okay for a bodybuilder to drink enough to get drunk every so often? White bodybuilding chef Andre Rush shares his take on drinking and bodybuilding. In short, a bodybuilder can occasionally drink alcohol but in a very limited capacity.

Chef Rush explains how he often drinks wine with dinner. As a chef he’s also a sommelier. But that doesn’t mean he goes around getting plastered every weekend. Ultimately, he limits himself to one glass of wine.

This might not be what younger bodybuilders want to hear as they navigate the various social situations and parties. It’s fun to drink sometimes, and to sacrifice that fun, especially at a young adult age, could be disappointing. But Chef Rush doesn’t want all bodybuilders to think they can’t have a little fun. It’s okay to treat yourself to a cheat day by drinking some extra alcohol. But it must be kept to a very limited fashion throughout the year.

It’s all about moderation. But for serious bodybuilders it’s a sacrifice that is worth it. Check out Chef Rush’s full explanation in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above!

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