Chef Rush does 2,222 push ups every day for Veteran suicide awareness.

Chef Andre Rush made headlines last year for being the most jacked White House chef ever seen. That might seem like an easy feat (there aren’t that many White House chefs in the world). But when you look at the man, you’ll quickly realize he might just be the most massive chef in the world. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Chef Rush explains why he does 2,222 push ups a day not for building muscle but for suicide awareness.

Chef Rush does 2,222 push ups every single day (except Saturday and Sunday). This takes him over an hour to complete each time. That sounds maddening, brutal and, for many, seemingly impossible. But Chef Rush isn’t doing this as a realistic way to build muscle. Actually he recommends against it. The real reason he dedicates himself to so many push ups a day is for suicide awareness.

Specifically, the number of push ups have a significance. They represent, according to statistics, 22 veteran suicides a day. Chef Rush has been in the military himself and served over seas. He also suffered from post traumatic stress and depression – something he admits he would have never been able to say on camera only three years ago. He had been in mental health facilities and struggled with trying to find a way to gain inner peace. He understands what many veterans (and even the broader scope of people who suffer mental health issues) goes through.

That’s why Chef Rush does 2,222 push ups a day and talks about it as much as he can. He wants to help change the way the world looks at mental health; the way the government supports veterans and suicide prevention; and hopefully show others who are suffering that they are not alone.

The 2,222 push ups are not Chef Rush’s workout. They don’t give him the massive size you see on his physique. But it’s a different kind of sacrifice he’s willing to make every day. Something for himself and for all others that are desperately seeking relief from their mental health issues in a world that often ignores them.

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