Chicago Pro 2018 Results

Who is the champion of Chicago?

The Chicago Pro 2018 is the latest major IFBB Pro competition as we rush headfirst towards the Mr. Olympia in September. This competition covered a lot of divisions with many competitors. It was an exciting night for sure – check out the official results below:

Men’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. Michael Lockett
2. Sergio Oliva Jr
3. Justin Rodriguez
4. Sergey Kalaev
5. Brad Rowe
6. Kevin Jordan

Men’s 212 Results

1. Craig Richardson
2. Caleb Blanchard
3. Fernando Noronha De Almeida
4. Lloyd Dollar
5. Adam Young
6. Jean Carols Alfaro Zapata

Classic Physique Results

1. Wesley Vissers
2. Amit Roy
3. Kevin Johnson
4. Aaron Futel
5. Kwaku Eric Dankwa
6. Joseph Russo

Men’s Physique Results

1. Michael Bevins
2. Suraqahi Shabazz
3. Akeem Scott
4. Khali Quarterly
5. Jeph Gabriel
6. Michael Anderson

Women’s Physique

1. Sarah Villegas
2. Caitlyn Jaras
3. Brittany Bull
4. Natalie Wofle
5. Mariana Coker
6. ALyssa Isley

Figure Results

1. Julia Waring
2. Mara Brown
3. Cinderalla Richardson
4. Julie Mayer
5. Tonya Wheatfall

Women’s Open Bodybuilding Results

1. Jill Blondin
2. Maria Mikola
3. Jacqueline Fuchs
4. Suzanna Jacobs
5. Amanda Smith
6. Rita Bello

Bikini Results

1. Lauralee Chapados
2. India Paulino
3. Sonia Lewis
4. Veranika Lazutsina
5. Morgan Barnes
6. Mia Sanchez

Fitness Results

1. Danielle Chikeles
2. Giorgia Fironi
3. Jennifer Worth
4. Jaclyn Baker
5. Nicolette Spencer
6. Regina Booker


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