The Chinese Olympic Lifting Team Have Solid Physiques And Monstrous Strength

Unbelievable strength.

The perception of different methods of strength training always vary depending on the perspective. Bodybuilders think powerlifters are strong but have less than ideal physiques. Powerlifters think bodybuilders have shredded physical forms but with no substantial strength behind it. Neither of those assumptions are entirely accurate of course but they are a constant source of debate. The reality is that any strength athlete is going to have a solid physique simply based on the fact that they lifting heavy weight. Like bodybuilders and powerlifters, Olympic lifters fit into the same category.

Olympic lifting requires an individual to develop strength in the snatch and the clean and jerk. Both movement require a lifter to use not only momentum, but total body strength as well. Though they may not hit the gym to get absolutely shredded, they do continuously train to master their lifts and through that consistent lifting they acquire physiques that are built of solid muscle. If you couple that with a cleaner diet, then you will often see Olympic lifters with physiques that even the most avid bodybuilders will find impressive.

When of the prime examples of Olympic lifters with tremendous physiques are the members of the Chinese Olympic team. Lu Xiaojun, Tian Tao, and Liao Hui are all Olympic lifters with crazy strength and impressive physiques. It’s a rare combination to find such strength with such shredded physiques. If you aren’t completely impressed with their physical forms, you’ll certainly be in awe with the amount of strength these men possess.

Lu Xiaojun

Tian Tao

Liao Hui

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