Chris Bumstead looks back at his Olympia 2019 victory and the lessons learned to help him enter Olympia 2020 better than ever.

For Chris Bumstead, everything clicked together at the Olympia 2019. His previous year competing was marred by an injury that threw off his competition prep and in years before that he was still learning how to deal with the pressure of the Olympia stage. But in 2019, everything came together for a big win. Now just over a month away from the Olympia 2020, Bumstead is no longer entering the competition hoping to climb the ladder, he is already at the top. In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Christ Bumstead details the tactics learned last year to make him the best Men’s Classic competitor at the Olympia 2020.

While there has been a lot of noise within the rising Breon Ansley vs Chris Bumstead rivalry – most of it has been focusing on the past. Many fans felt that Bumstead’s win at the Classic Physique Olympia was undeserved. But for Bumstead personally, regardless of controversy or public opinion, the Olympia 2019 was an amazing opportunity to perfect his prep and on stage routine.

Chris Bumstead is less interested on dwelling over the controversy of the past (though he enjoys having fun with the Breon Ansley rivalry). At 6′, 225 pounds, Bumstead has a stellar physique for the classic category and he is using the past to learn lessons and cement his dominance for further Olympia shows.

Before winning the Classic Physique Olympia in 2019, the Ottawa, Ontario native was a competitor looking to fight his way to the top. He ran into hurdles and even a few setbacks. But 2019 was the moment everything came together. Not only that – but it helped him learn how to better mentally prepare on the weekend of the Olympia.

It might be easy to forget as a fan, but the Olympia stage is an extremely intimidating event. It’s one weekend. It’s one moment to get everything right. These athletes have worked their entire lives for this one moment. That’s a lot of pressure indeed.

During our conversation with Chris Bumstead, he broke down the entire experience of competing and eventually winning at the Olympia 2019. He discussed how he finally learned to focus on himself more than any other competitor. To mentally focus on one thing – being the best.

Bumstead discussed with us about past years where he would be more social with other athletes back stage before the show. Part nervous energy perhaps but also a part of his natural demeanor. He’s a friendly and sociable guy. At the Olympia 2019, he shut everyone out. He put on headphones and zoned in on being as mentally focused as possible.

As for Breon Ansley, he knew that Ansley was defeatable but until he saw it happen there was always that nagging doubt. Now, Bumstead heads towards the Olympia 2020 not as an outsider trying to get into the number one spot. He is the reining Men’s Classic champion looking to defend his title. He’s more confident than ever. More mentally prepared for the Olympia than ever before. Most importantly, he has avoided the pitfalls and setbacks that have plagued his earlier years and forced him to think “what if.”

Breon Ansley has recently stated in an interview with us that he is more ready than ever to reclaim his thrown. It seems Chris Bumstead has the same level of confidence. This will certainly be a clash for the ages and we can’t wait to see it unfold in December.

You can watch Chris Bumstead detail his Olympia 2019 experience and how it has prepared him to be dominant at the 2020 Olympia in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.