Do Chris Bumstead and Logan Franklin Have Beef?

Chris Bumstead may have some new competition in the outspoken Logan Franklin.

It seems like Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead may have some new competition. Logan Franklin has decided to make the move to the Classic Physique division. But he hasn’t done so quietly.

In a recent comment on his social media, Logan Franklin called out Chris Bumstead. In the comment the bodybuilder asserted that he can out duel the Olympia champ on stage.

“I’m not trying to blow air up my own ass. BUT I know what I’ve got and I know my shape, my lats connect to my waist and I can hit every shot [Chris Bumstead] can hit except I’m pretty sure my arms are much better. But we will see, this is a competitive sport and i’m looking forward to tested next to all these top guys y’all think is gonna blow me away.”

It appears that Chris Bumstead caught wind of the comments. In his Instagram story, the champion wrote the following.

“Pay attention to those who talk a hot game, but haven’t proven anything to back it up yet. Opinions of yourself don’t win shows 😉”

While Bumstead never mentioned him by name, Franklin believes that the champion was referencing him.

“Of course [his story was about me]. A man that ghost follows my profile and posts subliminal messages about me. Already sounds like my ex gf.”

It looks like the Classic Physique division is about to heat up from this beef.

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