Chris Bumstead Hits 140Lb Dumbbell Shoulder Press PR in Off Season Training

Chris Bumstead shows incredible strength in recent shoulder training.

The 2021 Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead recently broke a personal record with 140lb dumbbell shoulder press. The reigning Olympia champion showed supreme strength in a recent training session ahead of the 2022 show in Las Vegas, Nevada this December.

Looking to defend his Classic Physique Olympia title once again, Chris Bumstead has been pulling out all stops in training. From consuming specific muscle building meals to taking stem cells to help heal his body, Bumstead has been doing everything in his power to ensure that he will once again be classic physique king. This mindset is also translating over to his training.

Strength is on the up, body feelin good, still working on not being a skinny b****.
Last nights chest workout:
– Dumbbell Press: 2 working sets, 8-10 reps.
– Dumbbell Flies: 2 working sets, 8-10 reps.
– Chest Press Machine: 2 working sets, drop set on both. Start second set on same weight as drop set from first set.
– Pec Deck: 3 working sets, ~15 reps.
– Push Ups: 2 sets, to failure.


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In order to build new muscle and bring something new to the table at the 2022 Olympia, Chris Bumstead is pushing himself in his offseason training. As such, the reigning classic physique Champion has set a new personal record in the dumbbell shoulder press.

In a recent video uploaded to his YouTube channel, Chris Bumstead showcased a full shoulder workout that saw the Olympia champion soar to new heights. Below is the full list of his shoulder workout.

Full Shoulder Workout

  1. Dumbbell Shoulder Press

“I will train shoulder press, like 140 pounds. We’ll see. I feel like I can do it. If you believe, you can achieve.”

It was clear from this statement that Chris Bumstead was looking to push himself harder during his training. It clearly paid off.

“Three weeks into my off-season hitting PRs in shoulder press… shoulders feel good.”

  1. Machine Shoulder Press

Bumstead moved on to the machine shoulder press where he stated that he’s working on volume. The more training you do the more volume you’ll need to see continued progress.

“Alright, so, new routine. I’m trying to do more volume, so I did really heavy two sets of shoulder press and just one set here. Now, I’m going to do a slow-drop set, I guess you could call it – four, three, two, one. I’m going to do a 30-second rest between the four plates and three plates. 20-second rest between the three and the two, and 10-second rest between the two and the one. I’m just going to do a drop set where I move a little slower and try to get a little volume in here.”

  1. Dumbbell Lateral Raise w/ Single-Arm Cable Rear Delt Fly Superset

Chris Bumstead goes on to state that he’s five pounds away from being the heaviest he’s ever been. It appears that the goal is to put on more mass ahead of the 2022 Olympia.

“Still skinny, but we’re getting somewhere. I was 259 [lbs] this morning. So, weight’s coming back. I feel like if I put on five more pounds, I’ll be at the heaviest I’ve ever been. This is the leanest I’ve been in an off-season.”

  1. Machine Lateral Raise w/ Reverse Pec Deck Fly Superset

  2. Captain’s Chair Leg Raise

“If anyone has any tips on how to do abs, please let me know. I just did two sets of 10 and the cramp I get in my abs, it literally curls in and sticks out.”

See the full shoulder workout here.

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