Chris Bumstead finds funny irony in bodybuilders who started lifting to get girls.


One of the biggest gender stereotypes is that men with big muscles always get the girl. Having a fit physique is certainly attractive to most people both men and women. But when taken to the extreme it can ironically become a turn off.

That’s something Chris Bumstead finds funny about competitive bodybuilding. Many bodybuilders discover the sport in an attempt to beat out bullies and win over girls. Ultimately, they get so passionate about their physique it goes too far for the average person to find it attractive. In our latest GI Exclusive Vault interview, Chris Bumstead explains why most women find competitive bodybuilders unattractive.

First things first, we understand that sweeping statements about attractiveness and what people find attractive is never the hard and fast rule. That being said, bodybuilding is a niche industry and in Chris Bumstead’s experience, the average person finds competitive bodybuilding physiques to be unattractive.

This goes back into the topic of bodybuilding being an extreme sport. Anything that’s “extreme” will have passionate followers. In the world of attraction and sex, there is a wide variety of wild and different things that people find attractive. But extreme endeavors usually do not fall into mainstream acceptance.

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There is an ironic element to bodybuilding and muscle in general – and that’s a strange grey area when it comes to physical attraction. Since seemingly the dawn of time, athleticism and muscle has been seen as attractive. But if you go too far and have too much muscle – the scale starts to tip against you again.

During the filming of Generation Iron 3, we were able to sit down with Chris Bumstead and ask a wide variety of questions. This fun aside wasn’t able to fully make it into the film, which is why we are sharing it from our GI Vault now from the cutting room floor.

This is what Chris Bumstead finds funny about bodybuilding on a competitive level. In his experience, many people look to build muscle and find bodybuilding hoping to pick up women. Over time, they become more self obsessed with their physique, some become competitive bodybuilders, and then the goal of attracting women suddenly falls to the wayside.

The kind of musculature and conditioning that is required for competition ready physiques are not particularly a turn on to most people. Chris Bumstead jokingly recounts past situations where he was told that his physique looks so much better when he was soft and off season. When he’s one week out from a competition, suddenly his physique is “gross.”

Of course, top tier professional athletes shouldn’t be only competing to get laid. The sport comes first. Becoming a champion is its own reward. But for bodybuilding specifically, there is a humorous disconnect between the stereotype and the reality. Chris Bumstead has experienced it and finds it amusing.

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