Does Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead indulge in cheat meals and alcohol?

Jay Cutler once famously said, ” I don’t eat for taste, I eat for function.” This is an extreme example of what it takes to be a successful pro bodybuilder. Every single thing that gets put in your body matters more than the average Joe. One misstep can ruin an entire year of training. To many, this dedication seems almost inhuman. How can a bodybuilder not indulge in the occasional treat or partake in getting a nice buzz from alcohol? That’s where the concept of cheat meals come in – a tactic some athletes use to indulge without ruining their physiques. But do Olympia champions partake in cheat meals? In our latest GI Exclusive interview, Chris Bumstead details his rules for cheat meals and alcohol.

Some bodybuilders swear by cheat meals, others swear against it. There’s an argument that indulging in the occasional cheat meal (emphasis on occasional) helps keep an athlete sane enough to make it through the hardest parts of contest prep. Others see it as too big of a risk factor. Why take the chance if it can throw off your physique?

This becomes especially true for Olympia champions. They’ve already had a taste of victory as best in the world. When returning to defend their title, even more pressure is placed on not losing everything they worked so hard towards.

That’s why we asked returning Classic Physique Olympia champion Chris Bumstead about his rules for cheat meals and alcohol. Bumstead is a bodybuilder who often puts emphasis on making sure the sport is fun. It’s his motto to make sure that he still enjoys the process of bodybuilding. Does this mean he allows himself cheat meals and the occasional drink?

Chris Bumstead admits that he used to indulge in cheat meals in past years. But ever since 2019, he’s been focusing on making sure his prep is completely clean. He is a big believer in stomach and digestion health. He wouldn’t want to risk throwing off his entire body digestion by introducing a type of food that he won’t normally eat.

When it comes to alcohol, it seems he is slightly more relaxed. Though the emphasis on slightly should be focused on here. So far during this year’s Olympia prep, he hasn’t touched a drop. But he does allow himself the occasional drink in general so long as he keeps it very infrequent.

Ultimately, even the best bodybuilders in the world are human – no matter how inhuman they may seem. Chris Bumstead takes his contest prep seriously and won’t sacrifice smart choices in the name of fun. That being said, he makes sure to enjoy his life so long as the process of bodybuilding maintains fun to him.

You can watch Chris Bumstead go into detail about his cheat meal rules in our latest GI Exclusive interview segment above.

Derek Dufour
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