Generation Iron Frank Zane Thoughts on Lifting

Talking about light weight.

The endeavor of building muscle is a struggle that’s never ending. You don’t just simply lift weights, have a strict diet, then bam, you’re a musclebound hulk. For those looking for a quick fix to massive muscle you’ll be sadly disappointed. This game is all about consistency and constant improvement. You can’t expect to be a shredded monster within a few workout sessions. It’s why bodybuilding is described as more of a journey than a quick trip.

During the journey to gain massive muscle, there’s no doubt that you’ll hear many different ways of how you should cultivate your muscle. Depending on who you listen to… when it comes to nutrition: you should follow a balanced macronutrient diet; you should have a ketogenic diet; you should try paleo for the best fat loss. And more often than that, there are those that will tell you exactly what you should be doing to build muscle, most of them usually just regurgitating something they’ve heard from some bodybuilding bro. Lift for strength, lift heavy weight or you won’t grow, there are a ton of different ways to build muscle. But perhaps the most overlooked method is the one that most lifters choose to avoid.

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Lifting light weight usually gets bad rap. Many bodybuilders talk about lifting heavy weight to grow muscle. It’s not a lie by any stretch, but they would also tell you to keep clear of lifting light weights. They’ll probably tell you that all it does is build muscle endurance not the muscle itself. Sounds logical. To an extent it’s even correct. But light weight can be more beneficial to your gains than you think. But don’t take my word for it. Frank Zane has spoken on the subject on numerous occasions and has his own outlook on how light weight can be great for building muscle. A true legend with a classic physique that will be remembered for the ages – Frank Zane’s advice might be perfect now that we have the new Classic Physique division hitting the industry.

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