Clay Cooper Crushes Active Recovery Deadlifts On A Frozen Utah Lake

Frozen Lake

Clay Cooper is not shy about performing lifts on crazy surfaces.

Clay Cooper takes lifting and training to a new level. He continues his journey around the world searching for insane terrains and surfaces to perform lifts. In a recent video, Cooper shows off 225-pound deadlifts on a frozen lake in Utah.

Cooper uses his super-human strength to complete big lifts no matter where he is. During this video, Cooper is seen using an overhand grip in a conventional stance. He did not use any other equipment during the lift. With difficult footing on ice and the potential of ice breaking due to massive weight, Cooper remained locked in and pumped out reps.

Cooper confirmed his location in the comments section of the video, which has a camera flying around his perimeter to get all angles.


Clay Cooper Takes Active Recovery To New Heights

Before venturing off into the middle of the frozen lake, Clay Cooper made sure to take all safety measures.

“Active recovery on the lake. A couple of notes here, the weight is lighter. for obvious reasons, and I slowed down the eccentric movement. Incorporating light sets in my program helps me target different areas I want to improve, allows for needed muscle recovery, and in this instance, ensured that I stayed on the ice and not in the lake.”


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In the Instagram caption, Cooper continues to ensure that the lake was shallow. If he were to crack ice, he would be able to stand in the water below. There would be no other risk other than the water being freezing cold.

This lift fits into Clay Cooper’s ventures of completing deadlifts at places like cliffs, lakes, and in the middle of the woods. When it comes to training, it can be done anywhere and Cooper makes that statement true in a big way.

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