Cody Garbrandt Accuses TJ Dillashaw Of Using EPO

The feud that will never die.

TJ Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male with the UFC Bantamweight belt, which he soon lost to the arguable Bantamweight GOAT Dominick Cruz. The man who took the belt off Cruz was team Alpha Male up-and-comer Cody “No Love” Garbrandt. This set up a brilliant rivalry, which escalated quickly. Dillashaw was set to face Garbrandt at UFC 217, and leading up to the fight Garbrant accused Dillashaw of using illegal PED’s.

Specifically, at the press conference, he declared that TJ “showed everyone how to do it on Team Alpha Male” and that he’s on “everything.”

Other fighters out of TAM including Uriah Faber and Chris Holdsworth have also suggested that TJ was doping. Regardless, at 217, TJ walked away with the belt in a brilliant striking match. Cody’s exceptional boxing earned him a devastating knockdown at the end of the first round, and TJ was very clearly saved by the bell. But he rallied heroically, and in the second round, landed a head-kick that set up a brilliant finishing flurry.

TJ then desired to drop to 125 pounds and face Demetrious Johnson for the Flyweight strap, but that fight fell through due to indeterminate factors. Now he will rematch Garbrandt for the belt, and the trash-talk has already renewed. This time, Garbrandt is being more specific concerning TJ’s alleged substance abuse, claiming through tweets that he dosed Erythropoietin.

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Erythropoietin or EPO, is the primary hormone that stimulates the production of red blood cells. More red blood cells means more capacity to hold and transfer oxygen throughout the body.

It’s unclear if these more specific accusations will have any ramifications, but the UFC cannot be happy. Garbrandt will rematch Dillashaw at UFC 227 this August.

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