Cody Montgomery Is Looking Insanely Jacked And Shredded With His Move To Classic Physique

Cody Montgomery is in insane condition.

These days many bodybuilders are looking for different pathways to success. Unlike in the old school era where there was only two divisions, bodybuilding has evolved. These days there are so many different categories and divisions for competitors to enter that options are limitless. Gone are the days where a competitor must feel obligated to pack on massive slabs of muscle in order to compete in the Open Weight division.

The creation of the Classic Physique division has completely changed the game. Now bodybuilders have the opportunity to compete in a category that fits their body type. It’s one of the reasons the young bodybuilding prospect Cody Montgomery decided to make the move.

When Cody Montgomery made his pro debut he had the courageous idea to compete at one of the biggest shows of the year, the Arnold Classic. Up against some of the best bodybuilders in the Open Weight division, Cody Montgomery found that he was outsized by nearly every competitor on stage and ended up with a less than stellar placing.

While he acquitted himself when in the Open Weight division, Cody Montgomery realized that packing on more and more muscle simply wasn’t the road he wished to go down. In order to be competitive in the Open Weight division he would have had to gain upwards of thirty to forty pounds of muscle. for Montgomery, his health and well being was more important and decided that making the change to Classic Physique was a healthier option for himself. From the looks of things, the change could truly be the best decision of his career.

Cody Montgomery has been hard at training and is showing that despite making the change it doesn’t mean he isn’t working just as hard.

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Jacob Ladon
Jacob Ladon is a staff writer and former amateur bodybuilder. He has been passionate about bodybuilding since he was 15 years old and discovered the joys of training in the gym. He reports and comments on all bodybuilding related matters.