WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes Went Through Hell In A Cell Match With A Torn Pec

Wrestler Cody Rhodes Torn Pec

Cody Rhodes sustained the injury just hours before the match occurred.

The Hell in a Cell match is one of the most exciting in WWE historyCody Rhodes made sure that he would not disappoint when he was scheduled to appear. Rhodes, performing under the name “Stardust,” suffered a torn pec just hours before he was going to take on Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell. Rhodes ended up going through with the match and put on a memorable performance.

The Hell in a Cell match debuted on October 5, 1997 when Shawn Michaels defeated The Undertaker thanks to an assist by Kane. Over the year, there have been many legendary matches inside this cage that covers the ring. The match between Undertaker and Mankind will always be near the top of the list as it gave us one of the best moments ever. With both athletes on top of the cage, Undertaker sent Mankind flying off through the announcers table.

Needless to say, there are big shoes to fill and Rhodes did not disappoint. He burst onto the scene in the WWE in 2006 and enjoyed a career that lasted a decade. He then moved to All Elite Wrestling and won the AEW-TNT Championship three times.


Cody Rhodes Is The Latest Wrestler To Suffer This Injury

Despite being able to get through the match, it is clear that Cody Rhodes was in a great deal of pain. He entered the cage with a massive bruise on his chest, shoulder, and bicep. Following the match, Rhodes was able to walk off under his own power but needed immediate medical assistance.

Rhodes joins a long list of wrestlers who have suffered this injury. Most notably, John Cena ripped his pec off the bone in 2007, right in the prime of his career. Triple H also suffered this injury in 2018 during his match on the Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

This is an injury that is quite common for those who perform in a contact sport with plenty of awkward movements. In the WWE, these are quite unpredictable. It is also common during weightlifting if there is a huge amount of weight on the bar. Cody Rhodes will have to go through a long recovery to get back into the ring.

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