Commonwealth Of The Northern Marina Islands Secures First International Bodybuilding Competition

Bodybuilding on the rise in the Northern Marina Islands.

In the year 2021, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marina Islands will host it’s first ever international bodybuilding and physique competition.

The CNMI which has been absent from the international bodybuilding scene since 1995, secured the bid to host the 27th South-Pacific Bodybuilding & Physique Championships in 2021. This was achieved during the SPBP Federation Congress that coincided with the 23rd SPBP Championships in Honiara, Solomon Islands on Oct. 27.

Northern Marianas Bodybuilding and Physique Federation president John Davis who, along with John Joyner represented NMI in Mr. Universe back in 1995, brought with him the good news as he arrived home from Solomon Islands a couple of days ago.

“For the first time the Northern Marianas was selected to host the SPBP Championships. We haven’t had bodybuilding in the international forum of any kind since 1995,” Davis, who reactivated the island’s bodybuilding team three years ago, told Marianas Variety.

Since then, the NMBPF which eventually became part of the Northern Marianas Sports Association, has hosted its own bodybuilding and physique shows and facilitated other annual other fitness events and exhibitions, like the Dee Clayton Classic.

As looks to restore bodybuilding and physique shows into the NMI sports, the NMBPF also brought up new breed of competitors, two of whom made successful appearance in Hawaii earlier in 2017.

The exact date and venue of the 2021 regional event will be determined as the host federation embarks on a three-year preparation.

The NMI is also hosting the Pacific Mini Games in 2021, and will have to work closely with NMASA which is also upbeat about hosting the Pacific Mini Games.

“We have to talk with NMASA about this. We can probably put something together really reasonable,” Davis said.

In Oct. 27’s SPBP Championships, Solomon Islands’ Rocky Teklem won the overall title.
The women’s winner is New Caledonia’s Trossel Lea and men’s junior winner is Sololon Islands’ Kelesi Tome. This is a landmark achievement for the fitness industry in CNMI and one that will hopefully be replicated in years to come.

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