Conor McGregor Competes in Exhibition Boxing Match, Praises Justin Bieber

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Conor McGregor competes in exhibition match and gives shout out to Justin Bieber.

For the past several weeks, Conor McGregor has been the topic of conversation in the MMA and entertainment world for all the wrong reasons. Accusations of criminality, Twitter beefs, and strong arm robbery charges top the list of Conor McGregor’s recent brushes with the law.

Despite all the controversy however, Conor McGregor appears to still be living life as usual.

Recently competing in a exhibition boxing match at his childhood boxing gym, The Crumlin Boxing Club, Conor McGregor is still showing a vested interest in the pugilistic arts. The match was a one-sided showcase for the former UFC champion.

Also in recent news, Justin Bieber revealed that he was 60% Irish in a recent social media declaration and even gave Conor McGregor a shout out. Naturally, Conor McGregor responded back, giving praise to Justin Bieber and his family.

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