Conor McGregor Implores Irish Leaders to Act Against the Coronavirus

Conor McGregor addresses the Irish government.

In the wake of the coronavirus (COVID-19) many sporting events have been shut down around the globe. The UFC was one of the last organizations to suspend their events, even putting on a show during the pandemic. Now, it seems like the whole world is on complete lockdown due to the pandemic.

While Dana White seems to be chomping at the bit to put on more shows, one of his top fighters is imploring his country to take the opposite approach and lockdown.

Ireland’s own Conor McGregor is no stranger to spotlights and big crowds. But even the UFC superstar is imploring for his government to take action against the coronavirus.

Like many leading experts have suggested social distancing and complete lockdown is the key. Conor McGregor is imploring that his government take decisive action in that direction.

In a recent post to social media Conor McGregor addresses the Irish government and the world.

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