Conor McGregor On Lockdown At Moscow Hotel Amid Security Concerns

Conor McGregor’s hotel was briefly on lockdown earlier today due to security concerns.

The controversial boxer Conor McGregor is in Russia this week promoting whiskey and his upcoming comeback tour, but as usual he was plagued by politics that go beyond the ring. McGregor’s Moscow Hotel was briefly put on lockdown after hundreds of angry men swarmed the outside and downstairs lobby. The cause is thought to be controversial remarks McGregor recently made about Dagestan, a region of Russia that is home to his UFC lightweight competitor Khabib Nurmagomedov.

McGregor had previously said he “wouldn’t go to Dagestan to take a sh*t” and criticized Nurmagomedov for leaving as he flew in, adding it was “in the nature of a Dagestani man to run.” If that wasn’t enough, McGregor further taunted to crowd by naming the exact location of his hotel in Moscow and encouraged any brave enough to show up there themselves. Which is exactly what happened. Although someone recently threw a bottle at McGregor over this offensive remarks, McGregor has clearly not learned from the experience and continues to incite conflict and violence wherever he goes.

McGregor’s popular in the UFC has been in the decline for several years now, due in large part to his controversial personal life. It remains to be seen if his return match, scheduled in January against an unknown opponent, will be enough to win back the hearts of the many millions of fans he has lost. Signs point to no: Paul Felder recently claimed that Irish fans are “turning on McGregor.”

*Image courtesy of Instagram.

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