Conor McGregor Looks Shredded At 190 Pounds In Recent Photo

Conor McGregor has put on size while recovering from an injury.

When you think of UFC, the first name that comes to mind is Conor McGregor. The Notorious became the first fighter to hold championships in two different divisions at once. This came after a victory over Eddie Alvarez back in September of 2016. Five years later, some have forgotten the accomplishments and wrote off McGregor.

In July, McGregor suffered a broken leg in the trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier. Since then, the former champion has been hitting the gym hard and has put on some serious muscle. McGregor is active on social media showing different workouts and physique updates. In a recent one, he is looking shredded at 190 pounds.

This is the heaviest that Conor McGregor has been in the offseason. He is used to cutting down to 145 pounds. In 2016, he made a jump from 155 pounds to 170. This is significantly lighter than his current weight. McGregor has been performing some big muscle-building exercises and following a FAST program. This is a training regimen developed by exercise physiologist Dr. Julian Dalby.

FAST is a program that is broken down in different ways. The three major categories are endurance, functional speed, and power and speed. Along with this training program, McGregor has continued to put on plenty of muscle.

This is in an attempt to make a return to the ring. The 33-year-old fighter has not announced a return but his recent training makes it seem like he is going to make a return to avenge his last loss. Fans of the UFC have written off McGregor a bit after his most recent loss and injury. Why? There are some reasons that have been floating around but overall drive could be one of them.

Conor McGregor is not just a UFC fighter. He is an international superstar and an incredibly successful businessman. He recently sold his shared of Proper Twelve Whiskey in a deal that could be worth up to $600 million. McGregor will continue to be the spokesman and face of the company. He also recently opened The Black Forge Inn in Dublin. Income is certainly not an issue for McGregor and this could be a reason fans believe he lost his edge.

When looking at his overall work in the gym recently, this does not seem factual. McGregor has been hard at work to build a physique and overall endurance level that is back to where he was prior to the injury.

With that being said, McGregor continues to be one of the biggest names in UFC and seems as determined as ever. When he makes is return to the ring, there will be a new chip on his shoulder to prove his doubters wrong. For all of those critics who believe he lost a step, there will be plenty to watch soon enough.

Greg Patuto
Greg has covered the four major sports for six years and has been featured on sites such as Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, SB Nation,, and FanSided. Now, he is transitioning into the world of bodybuilding and strength sports.