Has McGregor gone too far?

Conor McGregor. The name has become synonymous with major change, wild popularity and a ton of money. While Conor McGregor has turned himself into a superstar, at the end of the day he did so by using his fists and his mouth to create some of the most dynamic performances and moments in sports history. From a brash Irishman calling his shot in the UFC to battling against this generations greatest boxer in Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor has defied the odds and has created a legacy that few, if any, will be able to duplicate. But it seems now that the McGregor’s fatal flaw is becoming a huge hindrance to his legacy.


To a certain extent a fighter has to be arrogant. They have to truly believe they are the best and have to have the sand to prove it under the bright lights. But that same arrogance and hubris can also prove to be a fighter’s undoing.

Just before his short notice match up against Nate Diaz at UFC 196, Conor McGregor thought himself to be a living legend, a man who had reached such heights of capability that tasting defeat would never be an option again. Yet he learned the hard way that having too much confidence can proved to be an Achilles heel. Since losing that match to Diaz, McGregor rebounded with a win in their rematch as well as capturing the UFC lightweight title in spectacular fashion against then reigning champion Eddie Alvarez. Then there was the historic bout with Floyd Mayweather in which McGregor made an estimated eighty million dollars if the rumors are to be believed. McGregor has broken into a new stratosphere and could perhaps feel like he’s transcended combat sports to become some kind of pugilistic demigod.

This past Friday’s altercation has proven that Conor McGregor is feeling himself (pause) perhaps a bit too much.

After his teammate Charlie Ward scored a victory at Bellator 187 in Ireland, Conor McGregor stormed into the cage to celebrate. What happened next was pretty unprofessional as McGregor pushed veteran referee Mark Goddard who had words with the UFC star for storming into the cage suddenly and without permission.

But the controversy didn’t end there as McGregor slapped a commission official across the face when asked to climb down from the top of the cage.

So here’s the thing. Should McGregor be allowed to get away with such behavior? Yes he’s a superstar, yes he has accomplished feats no other modern fighter has been able to. But does that give him the right to do as he pleases without repercussions? I’m a big time fan, but there comes a time where you have to rein your ego in, take a seat and realize that you’re just a person just like anyone else.

What do you think of Conor McGregor and his actions this past weekend?

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